This is why I watch Red Eye

Or at least, the podcast, since, y’know, I don’t have cable tv.

I enjoyed the parent who was upset during all of this that the Christian perspective wasn’t taught in the class. I would kind of thinking living in Texas handles that.

Andy Levy, during the Redeye Halftime segment on 2/27/13, talking about a school that had girls trying on burkhas.

This just made me giggle.

Technology Changing the Face of Homework

Tuesday night I was helping my nephew with his homework. I won’t go into the blatant environmental propaganda, but I did promise him that I’d address the logical fallacies in his assignment when he was older.

What prompted this post? Several spelling errors were pointed out during my review of his assignment. What was his response? He grabbed his iPod and started up a spelling app. My brother and I exchanged looks and then came up with the same answer. It’s no different than if he looked the words up in a dictionary. If anything, it was better because the app assisted in finding the right words.

Sometimes even I have to shove down my inner Luddite.

Sneak Peek From MHI RPG

In case you were unaware, Larry Corriea had a Kickstarter last year to fund a role-play game based on his Monster Hunters universe. As we get closer, they’ve been releasing “teaser” art.

The latest one is very cool to me because the artist is a friend of mine, Ben McSweeny. (Click through to see the pic) Click here if you want to see more of Ben’s stuff. One thing Ben prides himself on is an accurate depiction of weapons.

Friday Quote – 2/22/13

Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.

Charles de Montesquieu, 18th-century political philosopher

Weakening the necessary laws leads to selective enforcement. Selective enforcement leads to disregard and disdain of the law. Three felonies a day. That’s what the average American commits as they go through their lives. How many of us even think about that until we have a prosecutor throwing every charge they can think of at us in order for us to plead down. Or we commit suicide.