Zombie Strike Part 11 – Chapter 120 – Epilogue

In Chapter 120, it is five years after the Golden Ritual prevented the invasion of the Great Death. Jess joins the others to meet the president and receive special awards on behalf of Mateo and the others that sacrificed their lives. The President addresses the nation to lift the quarantine of St. Louis, which is an omen for the rebirth of world as the Truth fell. Later, the surviving team members meet up in Gateway Park to reminisce, and end up getting a message from Wolf and an angel.

Narrator: Kenn Blanchard

Story: Derek Ward

This episode was originally broadcast on the Urban Shooter podcast.


  1. Love the story wish you had this whole story writen up as a novel or ebook the part on Amazon is still only the first 20 chapters. I have a couple problems trying to listen to the story. Chapter 91 has chapter 89’s audio and not the properfile and the following chapters have no file attached: 97, 109, 114 and 115 no file no streams. Do you have plans to put this all to CD or Audio book or even full book…hey how about a movie….i gave ken a while back a kooky podcaster cast list :). Thanks in advance for all your work its greate.


  2. I have a the draft for a full e-book, including a bonus story, but I haven’t had the chance to finish cleaning it up. Hopefully, I can get that out in the next year or so.

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