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Star Wars, a la Ken Burns

Waste three minutes on this.

Metal Tuesday – Dragonforce – Ring of Fire

To close out “Cover Month,” I decided to go with something a little different.

When I saw that Dragonforce had a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” on their latest album, it piqued my interest. Honestly, I was surprised at how good it actually is.

Lyrics in the YouTube post.

Gay Marriage Is Now the Law of the Land

Much to the horror of the hard religious right and social conservatives. 

Personally, I’d be much happier if government would just GTFO of marriage and let the individuals make contracts among themselves. Defense of personal liberty and the enforcement of contracts should be two of the core reaponsibilities of government.

I was surprised when I heard that Justice Thomas dissented, because I’ve always considered him such a strong proponent of liberty. His basic idea was that the gay couples were not restricted from liberty by the band as specified under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments would have my agreement, except that in the current legal environment private contracts do not have the same legal standing as officially sanctioned marriage. Ilya Somin does a good job of critiquing Justice Thomas’s dissent here

Friday Quote – James Randi

No amount of belief makes something a fact.


James Randi

Metal Tuesday- Disturbed – Shout 2000

I love the fact that Disturbed has a cover on most of their albums. I’ll save the others for if/when I do another month of covers. The one I chose was their cover of Tears For Fears’ “Shout.” Lyrics in the YouTube post.

Monday Fiction on Hiatus

Monday Fiction is going to go on indefinite hiatus because life has gotten a bit hectic around here. I just don’t have the time to write that I would like, and what time I do have I want to devote to finishing the novel I’m currently working on.

I hope to have the novel ready for sale (yes, actual sale) by the first quarter of 2016.

If I can go back and finish up Avalon, I will. Until then, this will be where things will hold.

Friday Quote – Rachael Wolchin

Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.


Rachael Wolchin

Want To Buy Some Guns Cheap?

Tampa Mayor Buckhorn (who tried to get concealed carriers banned from downtown during the GOP Convention) and Tampa Police (who harassed an open carrier during one of Florida Carry’s fishing events) have announced a gun buy-back on June 27. Because the entirety of the gun control proponents is doing the same failed actions over and over again. 

You can anonymously exchange shotguns, assault rifles and handguns for $50 cash per gun at River Tower Park, located at 401 East Bird Street.  

I hope that my fellow weapon aficionados do their best to turn it into an impromptu gun show. I won’t be able to attend due to a previous commitment.

Oh, and this is being funded by a half-million dollar donation from the Lightning. Remember that when deciding how to spend your entertainment dollars.

Florida Carry Fisher Trespassed in Tampa

I didn’t go to last Saturday’s Open Carry Fishing meeting in Tampa, but according to Sean Caranna one of the participants got trespassed by Tampa Police. I don’t have any details other than that as of now. 

Florida Carry has been doing those events for almost five years without incident. In the times I’ve been to them, I’ve seen TPD question our people once and hold a mini-safety briefing once.

Sean says there’s a lawsuit coming over the incident. 

Metal Tuesday- Blind Guardian – Barbara Ann

An album of great power metal suddenly broken by a song from the Beach Boys. Jarring and enjoyable.


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