We haven’t heard from Black Majesty in a while, and this song has been going through my head. Which is how I pick most of the songs for this bit. 


We all try hard to find our faith

But circumstances choose our paths

What awaits us will stand at the end of the road

So we work to buy our time

We watch our children as they strive

Still not understanding what is passing us by
If it’s free I want to be like a sail set out to sea

Set a course never returning back to the shores
Our time will come and will surely pass us by

What remains are only memories worth remembering

Silent company observant they rest and they wait

For our life an end to arrive
We’re all content and satisfied

Whether there’s truth within the lies

There’s a purpose for every reason that comes our way

Never noticed to wonder why

Our eyes are open still we’re blind

There’s a fear in knowing what’s on the other side
If it’s free I want to be

Just like them I’ll ride the breeze

Walk alone and knowing never alone we will be