When Anti-Gunners Speak, I Hear Something Completely Different

There’s a scene in the movie The Ghost and the Darkness where Val Kilmer’s character is receiving his instructions. The official says that the reason the bridge must be built is to help “save Africa from the Africans, and to spread Christianity.”

This is kind of what I hear when anti-gunners (and most Progressive) leaders talk. “We must save America from the Americans, and spread our worldview that state is responsible for the subjects’ defense.”

Active Shooter Training Video

I really wish my work had LU’s weapon policy. If wishes were horses…

This is excellent because it covers the key points of “Run, Hide, Fight.” It emphasizes that cops can’t be everywhere and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN when the fecal matter impacts the turbine. 

The instructions to the concealed carrier were good, including emphasizing that you will be put into handcuffs and to comply with officers. 

H/t Sean Sorrentino