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Metal Tuesday- Brother’s Choice – Pain – Shut Your Mouth

The Brother is a much bigger metalhead than I am. So, when he sends me a link and suggests this would make a good Metal Tuesday, I listen. And now you get to.

Another Blow to Federal Public Sector Unions

This executive order was signed before the recent Janus decision, but it just recently came to my attention. One of my issues with the public sector unit are union people doing union business while on the clock. For some employees, they may officially be filling a role, but they do union duties full time. Not anymore.

“…agencies should ensure that taxpayer-funded union time is used efficiently and authorized in amounts that are reasonable, necessary, and in the public interest. Federal employees should spend the clear majority of their duty hours working for the public. No agency should pay for Federal labor organizations’ expenses, except where required by law. Agencies should eliminate unrestricted grants of taxpayer-funded union time and instead require employees to obtain specific authorization before using such time. Agencies should also monitor use of taxpayer-funded union time, ensure it is used only for authorized purposes, and make information regarding its use readily available to the public.”

Agencies also are required to charge the unions rent for any space used for union duties.

Between this and SCOTUS, the unions are having a rough time. I can’t say I’m particularly upset about that.

Friday Quote- Elon Musk

“The enemy of my enemy is myself.”

Sometimes an off the hand tweet can be very profound.

Two Wins For Gun Rights

Well, maybe one-and-a-half. Or three-and-a-half.

First, Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation made the feds blink. In essence, the feds conceded that DD has a First Amendment to distribute CAD plans for 3-D printed gun parts, including parts to assemble an entire gun. RKBA activists often say that the Second Amendment protects the First, and this proved the reverse is also true. Another tidbit out of this agreement is that the feds stated that semiautomatic arms under .50 cal are not considered military arms – including platforms like the AR-15. That could have some downstream ramifications.

Second, is a 9th Circuit ruling that the Second Amendment extends to carrying weapons outside of the home. Since the Ninth previously said that states can prohibit concealed carry, that means that open carry is fully allowed for those states that fall under the Ninth’s jurisdiction. This is kind of a half victory, because I fully expect this to be overturned by an en banc ruling. OTOH, that just might be the impetus to kick it up to SCOTUS, who with a new judge might be willing to add to Heller.

No matter how you tally the results, we’ve scored some wins.

Moving and Changes

It’s weird when the house I’ve lived in for the last fifteen years feels less and less like home. Part of it is the cats aren’t there. Part of it is The Fiancée isn’t there. And part of it is so much of my stuff isn’t there. Hell, I’ve only got a few more things to move and the rest of my stuff is going to either family (which includes friends) or charity.

It’s weird going from living alone to now living with two women. It’s an adjustment to my thinking and expectations. Combine the fact that both The Fiancée and I are in “purge” mode in order to fit two houses into one. Well, two-and-a-quarter houses because her adult niece (who is now living with us) brought her stuff.

I just want to get everything done and figure out my routines. Unfortunately, things have to go in stages. This can’t go until this is already moved or that person has space freed up to take

Metal Tuesday- Dragonforce – Seasons

A Dragonforce song that could be considered a ballad. For Dragonforce.

Picking Fights

So, the big news over the weekend was a “shooting over a parking spot” where the shooter “got off because Stand Your Ground.” And the shooter was known for “being a problem and using racial slurs.” In short, the local news is spinning this for all its worth.

Let’s go to the film!

The shooter is probably an asshole. He may have used racial slurs in the past. He also did not initiate the attack. He was shoved to the ground and facing at least one attacker (man) and maybe two (man & girlfriend). Enough to make a disparity of force. Essentially, almost anyone in that position would meet the criteria for a self-defense shooting.

Shall we tally up everyone’s mistakes?

  1. Girlfriend shouldn’t have parked in the handicapped slot. Really? You were in such a rush that you needed to park there?

  2. Getting into a shouting match over a parking spot. Exactly what did you think shouting at someone over parking in a handicap spot will do? Prove your superiority?

  3. Physically attack someone because he’s shouting at your girlfriend. Your first instinct is to attack? Exactly what was going through your head when that decision was made?

What is the common theme?

Check your damned ego!

Friday Quote – Larry Corriea

If you are serious, and you want to make a living as an author, then you need to hustle. Period. If you can’t make that quality, then you need to concentrate on your craft and practice more.

One other thing, quality comes with practice. If you are prolific, then you become a better writer because you are writing. The more you do anything the better at it you will become. So in a way, quantity does add to quality.

Why Damien Lewis Is a Great Actor

This clip is a few years old, but one of the best renditions of Marc Antony’s speech from Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar.”

This is why I hate reading Shakespeare’s plays, but I do love watching them.

Lawfare: Las Vegas Edition

Back in October, a homicidal maniac decided to rain down fire on a concert. Fifty-eight died and over five hundred injured.

Being the litigious society we are, victims sued MGM, which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel, for failing to take appropriate action to stop this homicidal maniac. MGM, not wanting to pay out what would probably end up being tens of millions of dollars decides to sue the victims right back. Except, instead of money, MGM is suing to invalidate any liability under a law passed in the wake of 9/11.

It’s all a cluster-fuck. Of course, the press is excoriating MGM. Just another episode of lawfare.

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