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Tab Clearing

21 Jan
January 21, 2019

Time to clear out some open tabs on the browser.

You Think You Know Me looks like an interesting party card game. Particularly if you have people you’d rather not play Cards Against Humanity with.

[This is an interesting iPhone feature] for those of us worried about having our phones searched.

Tam recommended Thyrm lens covers for your weapon mounted light. These are disposable covers for range time to keep the lens clear.

What do you call a guy who is a decorated Navy SEAL, a Harvard-trained medical doctor, and an astronaut? I’m going with ”Dr. Kim.” The best comment I’ve heard is this is the kid who when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up answered ”Everything!”

Issues with iOS 12.1.1

17 Dec
December 17, 2018

I started having issues with my phone last week. Turns out that iOS 12.1.1 has some nasty bugs. In my case, my browsers and some of my apps don’t want to talk to the internet outside of WiFi. It may be causing some issues with my CarPlay.

If you haven’t updated yet, you may want to hold off until the next one.

Turkey Day 2018

22 Nov
November 22, 2018

This is the first Thanksgiving for The Fiancée and me. We’ve got both clans invading the house – I mean, joining us for dinner.

For those of you who wish to participate in Black Friday festivities, I recommend perusing The Wirecutter’s Black Friday page.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and successful Black Friday.

Nothing Today

15 Nov
November 15, 2018

Friday Quote tomorrow.

The Dangers of Rescuing Big Cats

10 Sep
September 10, 2018

True life never fails to bring the big stories. In this installment, an exotic animal keeper in Oklahoma was arrested in a murder-for-hire plot. Although not identified by police, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue, Carol Baskin, is saying she’s the target. On the Book of Face, Ms. Baskin sheds some light on why she was a target.

Maldonado ran, in our view, one of the most notorious cub petting roadside zoos in the country in Wynnewood, OK. Years ago he also operated a traveling exhibit that would bring cubs to malls throughout the Midwest and Southwest. When Big Cat Rescue educated the malls about the miserable life this created for the cubs and the malls started cancelling Maldonado’s traveling exhibit, Maldonado retaliated by renaming his traveling show “Big Cat Rescue Entertainment” in order to confuse the public into thinking the show was operated by Big Cat Rescue. In 2011 Big Cat Rescue sued for violations of its intellectual property rights and in 2013 was granted a consent judgment for over $1 million. Litigation to collect on the judgment has been ongoing since then in Oklahoma.

Yes, Big Cat Rescue gets some money from me in an annual contribution. I like the work they do, and I hate that they have to deal with shit like this.

If you’re coming to Tampa and have some time when they’re open, I recommend taking the tour. Or just check out theiy YouTube channel.

Talk Later

05 Sep
September 5, 2018

Busy with work and wedding stuff.

Why Damien Lewis Is a Great Actor

19 Jul
July 19, 2018

This clip is a few years old, but one of the best renditions of Marc Antony’s speech from Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar.”

This is why I hate reading Shakespeare’s plays, but I do love watching them.

Lawfare: Las Vegas Edition

18 Jul
July 18, 2018

Back in October, a homicidal maniac decided to rain down fire on a concert. Fifty-eight died and over five hundred injured.

Being the litigious society we are, victims sued MGM, which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel, for failing to take appropriate action to stop this homicidal maniac. MGM, not wanting to pay out what would probably end up being tens of millions of dollars decides to sue the victims right back. Except, instead of money, MGM is suing to invalidate any liability under a law passed in the wake of 9/11.

It’s all a cluster-fuck. Of course, the press is excoriating MGM. Just another episode of lawfare.

Toastmasters Conference AAR

23 May
May 23, 2018

Disclaimer – I am not currently a Tosstmasters member. This will most likely change before the end of this year. Many of these observations are from an outsider observing a major event for a specific group with its own lingo and speak.

So, how did I end up attending a conference? The Girlfriend is an officer in the district, and since we only see each other on the weekends at the moment, she asked if I’d be interested. Plus, I can always use advice on polishing my “stage” persona and writing.

Toastmasters, just like any organization, has its own lingo. Since this was a big conference for the organization, it’s to be expected that they would use their acronyms and phrases fast and furious. Sometimes I could pick up through context. Others I just needed to ask The Girlfriend.

The workshops were hit and miss (mostly miss), but I did pick up some ideas for improvement on my speaking. Most of my public speaking is providing training or performance reporting, so it was nice seeing other types of speeches.

The contests were entertaining, although one part was more entertaining for me than the conference. Toastmaster protocol is when a constestant is introduced it is “Contestant, Speech Title, pause, Speech Title, Contestant.” And every time they did that, I flashed back to Hot Fuzz and the clerk at the grocery store.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and will probably enjoy it more next year when I attend as a Toastmaster and not just as a guest.

Tab Clearing

17 May
May 17, 2018

I’m borrowing Tam’s title and clearing out articles that I meant to do full posts on.

Teaching Situational Awareness to Kids – Because I have two in my life, and I’d kinda like to keep them out of danger.

The Economist saying how wonderful universal health care is for all nations. This was one I wanted to fisk, but I’d recommend reading it to understand how the proponents think.

Syrian Metal Is War – Yeah, like I could scroll past that article.

[Finland ends its universal basic income experiment.( I like the concept of a basic income that replaces all other welfare programs. It just doesn’t seem viable in the real world.

Start-ups make an alternative for braces, and the dental groups rent seek. – I hate when businesses use the violence of government to keep others out of the market.

The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent column on not supporting laws you wouldn’t kill someone to enforce. Honestly, that would be an interesting bit of mandatory language in any law that assesses a criminal or civil penalty. Make the legislators affirm that this is important enough to possibly kill someone over.

A surprising column from The Atlantic on cultural appropriation. I swear to FSM that I would laugh in the face of any person foolish enough to accuse me of that. Or denigrate.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably need to do this again.