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I Vote Guns Part Something or Other

03 Oct
October 3, 2018

I was really hoping Nikki Fried would be a smart Democrat and just leave the guns issue alone. Her big platform push was to come up with a sensible medical marijuana system, and that’s something Florida needs. The current system was definitely written by prohibitionists, which makes it difficult on those who need it. So, I was just hoping Fried would just focus on that platform.

Unfortunately, she isn’t. According to the tweet published in Miguel’s article, Fried is somehow going to wrest control of the concealed weapons process from the NRA. Which means she’s probably going to toss control over to Bloomberg’s suite of lobbyists.

You done fucked with my third rail. I vote guns, and I vote against those willing to take them.

I Move and This Happens

18 Sep
September 18, 2018

Via Miguel and the NRA-ILA comes news that the incoming Senate President received a donation from Bloomberg’s Everytown.

Incoming Florida Senate President Bill Galvano calls himself a Republican but is rumored to be the one who colluded with anti-gun Democrats to engineer the gun control package included in SB-7026 this past session. SB-7026 contained three major gun control provisions and was rammed down the throats of Senate and House Republican legislators. The report below below adds credence to that rumor. Looks like our Second Amendment Rights were sold for a large contribution from anti-gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

All of this while the anti-gunners keep accusing legislators of taking money from NRA. In reality, no Florida Senate or House member or candidate for the Florida Senate or House has received a direct contribution from NRA in almost 20 years.

Guess who my state senator is now that I moves in with The Fiancée?

Friday Quote – Maj Toure

07 Sep
September 7, 2018

I don’t think there’s a Black gun culture or a White gun culture. I think there’s informed and uninformed gun culture. Our job is to get urban America on the informed side.

If you haven’t thought about sending Black Guns Matter some cash, I would recommend it. Maj is doing a great job to bring information to people who haven’t heard the truth about guns and gun control.

Donate the cost of a box of ammo.

Wednesday Gun Links

28 Aug
August 28, 2018

J.Kb over at Gun Free Zone wonders how the Jax shooter legally purchased his guns considering he’d been committed to a mental institution by his parents. My guess is that his commitment was as a minor and not included in NICS.

In a spite of principle, the ACLU defends the NRA against New York Gov Cuomo’s attacks on the NRA to obtain basic financial services. Or, the ACLU realizes if this isn’t challenged, the same tactic could be turned against them.

David French over at National Review opines on the danger of private sector gun control, particularly those who are designed to strangle the gun industry.

There was some pushback on those policies when Louisiana told BOA and Citi that they couldn’t participate because of their anti-gun policies.

This last isn’t strictly gun news, but it’s come about because of active shooter fears. The Wirecutter, which is my favorite review site, put up its recommendations for see-through backpacks for security theater.

Strangling the Gun Culture

16 Aug
August 16, 2018

Shopify suddenly decided it doesn’t like gun sales anymore and stopping all sales through their platform. Which has left a bunch of gun manufacturers and retailers up a creek. Including some big names like Spikes and Franklin Armory. These companies invested tens of thousands of dollars with Shopify. Now those dollars and all of their work have been flushed down the toilet.

I’m wondering if the biggest threats to our gun culture is coming from the private sector instead of the government. Deplatforming from social media and strangling the business by restricting access to banking services and internet sales. I would not be surprised if the gun industry was having to act like the legal marijuana shops are today with heavy cash transactions. Or the gun companies decide to form their own financial institutions to handle those kinds of transactions.

Parking Lot Shooter Going to Trial

15 Aug
August 15, 2018

State Attorney filed charges of manslaughter.

I’m sure the firestorm created by the chattering classes and professional victims were a large part of the decision. I’m sure the news will continue their long record of “accurate” reporting on self-defense laws. I’m sure the politicians will yammer about how this proves all of the stereotypes of gun owners, and particularly concealed carriers.

Should this case been brought forward? I’ve heard good arguments for both, particularly around the issue of whether the victim was continuing or stopping the assault once the gun came out. Unfortunately, those arguments aren’t what’s going to be in the media.

Friday Quote – Cody Wilson

10 Aug
August 10, 2018

What’s going to make me comfortable… is when people stop coming into this office and acting like there’s a debate about it. The debate is over. The guns are downloadable. The files are in the public domain. You cannot take them back. You can adjust your politics to this reality. You will not ask me to adjust mine.

Can’t Stop the Signal – UPDATED

02 Aug
August 2, 2018

Yeah, I know. Everyone is using that as the title of their post about Code Is Free Speech

For the few of you who don’t know, let me borrow some text from the site: is a publicly-available Web site for truthful, non-misleading, non-commercial speech and information that is protected under the United States Constitution. The purpose of this project is to allow people to share knowledge and empower them to exercise their fundamental, individual rights. is a project of Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, and a number of individuals who are passionate about the Constitution and individual liberties. We wish to thank Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed for their courage, passion, innovation, and inspiration.

Download all the plans!

EDIT: It looks like Amazon wasn’t comfortable hosting the site and has shut it down. But, everything is already out there, so as soon as I find a good repository, I’ll post it.


H/t John Richardson

Two Wins For Gun Rights

26 Jul
July 26, 2018

Well, maybe one-and-a-half. Or three-and-a-half.

First, Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation made the feds blink. In essence, the feds conceded that DD has a First Amendment to distribute CAD plans for 3-D printed gun parts, including parts to assemble an entire gun. RKBA activists often say that the Second Amendment protects the First, and this proved the reverse is also true. Another tidbit out of this agreement is that the feds stated that semiautomatic arms under .50 cal are not considered military arms – including platforms like the AR-15. That could have some downstream ramifications.

Second, is a 9th Circuit ruling that the Second Amendment extends to carrying weapons outside of the home. Since the Ninth previously said that states can prohibit concealed carry, that means that open carry is fully allowed for those states that fall under the Ninth’s jurisdiction. This is kind of a half victory, because I fully expect this to be overturned by an en banc ruling. OTOH, that just might be the impetus to kick it up to SCOTUS, who with a new judge might be willing to add to Heller.

No matter how you tally the results, we’ve scored some wins.

Picking Fights

23 Jul
July 23, 2018

So, the big news over the weekend was a “shooting over a parking spot” where the shooter “got off because Stand Your Ground.” And the shooter was known for “being a problem and using racial slurs.” In short, the local news is spinning this for all its worth.

Let’s go to the film!

The shooter is probably an asshole. He may have used racial slurs in the past. He also did not initiate the attack. He was shoved to the ground and facing at least one attacker (man) and maybe two (man & girlfriend). Enough to make a disparity of force. Essentially, almost anyone in that position would meet the criteria for a self-defense shooting.

Shall we tally up everyone’s mistakes?

  1. Girlfriend shouldn’t have parked in the handicapped slot. Really? You were in such a rush that you needed to park there?

  2. Getting into a shouting match over a parking spot. Exactly what did you think shouting at someone over parking in a handicap spot will do? Prove your superiority?

  3. Physically attack someone because he’s shouting at your girlfriend. Your first instinct is to attack? Exactly what was going through your head when that decision was made?

What is the common theme?

Check your damned ego!