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Parkland + 365

14 Feb
February 14, 2019

A year ago, a student walked into his old school. He murdered seventeen and injured seventeen more. This became a rallying cry for gun control in a way the Las Vegas shooting four months previously was not.

The gun control groups were quick to press their advantage by riding on the backs of telegenic children to manipulate quisling legislators. Florida passed its first major gun control legislation in decades. Other states did the same. The mantra was the same. Easy guns, lack of universal background checks, and no red flag laws allowed this monster to kill children. Oh, and bumpstocks too.

Except, if anything, this proved the hollowness of gun control arguments. The Sun Sentinel – not exactly a friend to gun owners on their editorial pages – did amazing work showing the failures of Broward County.From how the schools failed to get the shooter help and then covered it up to how the Broward County Sheriffs Office and the local school authorities failed to take action when it happened. The failures documented in the official report were so bad, that the chair of the commission – the previously anti-gun Pinellas County Sherriff – reversed his position and called for armed staff in schools.

Every authority that we are told by our opponents need additional authority to protect us failed. Not because they did not have enough power, but because they did everything to subvert the controls in place to achieve other politically-motivated goals. I don’t believe that the individuals in place wanted a school shooting, but in light of their actions, is there any difference? About the only thing they people in charge could have done more to facilitate this tragedy would have been to give the murderer the money for the gun and ammo.

If someone tells me that Parkland is why we need gun control, I can honestly agree with them. Parkland is why we need gun control, in that we do not need it at all.

S&W Tells Whiny Nuns to Fuck Off

13 Feb
February 13, 2019

In much nicer terms. The Daily Caller relates a study published by American Outdoor Brands, who owns S&W, at the behest of an “investment group.” I use the scare quotes because this “investment group” (which includes some nuns as mouthpieces) are buying into companies not to profit, but for social change. The report had one of the sickest burns I’ve read in some time:

The Company’s reputation as a strong defender of the Second Amendment is not worth risking for a vague goal of improving the Company’s reputation among non-customers or special interest groups with an anti-Second Amendment agenda…

That’s a nice way of saying “Why the fuck would we care what people who don’t give us money and hate us thing?”

Guns and Mutants

11 Feb
February 11, 2019

I came across this article comparing the gun control debate with the debates over mutants in the Marvel universe.

From the article: The human tendency is to judge all people by their worst examples and to act accordingly. This is silly and frankly bigoted, but it’s what people do and you just have to argue around it. Almost all transgender people want to do is use a bathroom in peace and not molest children under pretext; however, people are ready to judge the 99.9% who obey the law by the rare example who actually does commit a bathroom molestation. Most immigrants, particularly from Islamic countries, want to immigrate to the United States for peace and prosperity; however, people are ready to judge all of them because of the few who come here and commit terrorism. I maintain that 9/11 was far more catastrophic than any school shooting, but we shouldn’t block Muslim immigrants because of the dozen or so who killed 3,000 Americans on one very bad day, or the one who killed numerous LGBTQ people in Orlando.

So the X-Men deal with the same crap. Some mutants have gone terrorist; all are judged by that standard. One mutant could **commit a crime; therefore, people assume that they **will.

To borrow a phrase, snip:

Still, readers connect with the X-Men despite the bona fide concerns of the world around them. Why?

Because we read the X-Men as “real” people. We know that not all mutants are not the Brotherhood and Magneto. We follow them as ordinary people who come from ordinary backgrounds. While they have extraordinarily dangerous powers, they’re not dangerous people. They date, play baseball, go to bars and movies, and are generally not interested in hurting anyone who isn’t out to hurt them first. For the most part, they want to help.

Joss Whedon had a run on Astonishing X-Men, which was the first comic I picked up after a fifteen-year hiatus. There was a scene where Cyclops confronts the rest of the team over who’s being mind controlled. The team is freaked out because Cyclops is holding a handgun. Cyclops. The mutant whose eye blasts can take down giant robots. And his team is more scared of the 1911 in his hand. Let’s just say it was something that yanked me out of the narrative right quick.

Friday Quote – Jury Question to Judge

01 Feb
February 1, 2019

This came is as the jury request in the case of Brian Aitken, who was convicted of running afoul of New Jersey gun laws. This is a prime example of why I support jury nullification.

Why did you make us aware at the start of the trial that the law allows a person to carry a weapon if the person is moving or going to the range, and during the trial both the defense and prosecution presented testimony as to whether or not the defendant was in the process of moving, and then in your charge for us to deliberate we are not permitted to take into consideration whether or not we believe the defendant was moving?

Final Parkland Commission Report

09 Jan
January 9, 2019

The final report is issued. Miguel has it here for your perusal.

Arming teachers is the hot button recommendation. If the bullshit passed by the legislature is any indication, that one is dead on arrival. Especially if it doesn’t include preemption requiring the school boards to allow for it.

Also, the state should spend a bunch of money on the usual suspects. Maybe we do, but considering how colossally Broward screwed the pooch in order to keep its numbers looking good, I’m skeptical that all that additional money will prevent another tragedy.

Being Armed Isn’t Easy

07 Jan
January 7, 2019

Via FB friend Evie, comes an article from a retired SWAT officer. The first part is dealing with a new doctor who isn’t thrilled to find out said retired cop is carrying a gun. I’m not comfortable with you being armed was the money quote from said doctor.

My first reaction was on the lines of “Welcome to the party, pal.” Particularly when the author goes into all of the issues of carrying concealed. These are all things I understand quite well. Particularly the odd looks in “mixed” company when I say I can’t go in a place. Or the look the Wife-To-Be gives me when I carry around the house.

Then I remember, I’m not the target audience of the article. He’s writing to other cops. Letting them know the issues that they will face when they carry after they leave they job.

Then, the author goes into whether or not an armed citizen can prevent/stop an active shooter. This is important for former cops to think about, because they have been trained to intervene. As for me, that’s not necessarily part of my wheelhouse. I’m not a sheepdog. I don’t carry to protect anyone but me and mine. I’m more of a porcupine with range. If I can do more, I will do more, but not at the expense of my first duty.

Policing Our Own

03 Jan
January 3, 2019

Greg Ellifritz has gotten sick and tired of bloggers stealing his words. He doesn’t have the resources to sue, so he’s going to use the tried and true method of shaming. I’m good with that.

I re-blog a lot of content. Either because the author is more knowledgeable, succinct, and/or funnier than me. I make damn sure that if I’m quoting, I let my readers know I’m doing so. I have felt the pain of crafting a paragraph (or even a sentence) when on a deadline and the brain won’t cough up something coherent.

I’m going to let Greg have the final words on this post.

We in the gun community need to hold each other accountable. That’s why I’m sharing this with all of you. Do you think this guy [the thief] is a trustworthy source of information? Why would you rely on advice from a thief to keep you safe?

Failure After Failure After Failure

31 Dec
December 31, 2018

I was alerted to this by a post by J. KB over at Miguel’s. I have to agree with him that for as much shit as we give the media for their obvious bias, they are capable of doing some amazing work. If the Sun Sentinel doesn’t receive a Pulitzer for their tireless work on documenting all of Broward County’s failures during the Parkland shooting, the committee fucking robbed them. This is the epitome of what good journalism is supposed to do – hold those in power to account for mistakes, mismanagement, and outright fraud that led to both the deaths of citizens and the deprivation of other citizens’ rights.

The Sun Sentinel posted an interactive minute-by-minute account of the Parkland shooting, including the numerous failures of the system and of those entrusted with the protection of the students – morally, if not legally. It also busts some of the myths surrounding that horrible tragedy. You need to RTWT. And then RTWT of J. Kb’s analysis of the analysis. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Multiple, multiple, multiple failures. The fact that the top tiers of both the Broward Sheriffs Office and the School System have not been publicly fired and publicly shamed is a damning indictment of that county’s government. And those same reprehensible people were perfectly willing to cast blame on people like me to hide their own failures.

It makes one long for the days public officials feared things like tar and feathers.

RKBA Round Up

20 Dec
December 20, 2018

Probably the biggest story is the ATF banning bumpstocks. A lot of anger tbrown at the NRA (which I don’t think is deserved) and a lot at the president (which is). Miguel disagrees with me on that last point. Yes, the Hearing Protection and National Reciprocity are in Congress, but for a president who took our shilling, he’s been remarkably unwilling to expend political capital for our causes.

Next up, unlike the state courts, the federal court reminds us that the cops have no duty to protect and dismissed the suit against Broward over the Parkland shooting. One hopes parents and teachers take away the proper lessons, but I’m highly doubtful.

Speaking of Parkland, the report cans be found here. I doubt our current legislature will actually do anything with its recommendations, much less the local governments.

Here’s a listicle on why you should own an AR-15.

A New York judge struck down the state’s ban on nunchucks. RKBA includes things other than guns and knives.

Police and Armed Citizens

10 Dec
December 10, 2018

Via Miguel comes an article about how police need to learn how to deal with the prevalence of armed citizens. Including armed citizens who may not look like the stereotypical concealed carrier.

This has been a tough year for police and armed citizens alike. In 2018, we’ve seen a number of tragic mistakes made by police officers who shot and killed lawfully armed citizens in error, including a homeowner in Aurora, Colorado, a security guard in Chicago, Illinois, and a Thanksgiving eve shopping mall patron in Hoover, Alabama, among others.

RTWT, because there’s a lot of good information to be gleaned from the armed citizen side. Particularly on current police mindset and what we can do to help minimize fatal mistakes. Plus how we can help identify each other in a bad situation.