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Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising – Epilogue

14 Jul
July 14, 2014

I’ve felt fear enough in my work that it’s almost become a familiar companion. Something that tells me that I’m about to do something stupid. Anxiety, on the other hand, is just fucking annoying. Unfortunately, it’s the emotion that’s managing to dominate me at the moment. Nick can see it on my face and in my posture. He puts a steadying hand on my shoulder. The anxiety lessens, but doesn’t go away. Ancestors damn it to hell.

The Hillsborough cravex is filled with lycanthropes. There’s a low murmur as the packs talk among themselves. There’s a few of our own packs, including the three new packs that agreed to move to Hillsborough. The rest of the entri are filled with representatives from the other counties. One, much to the barely-hidden disgust of the other lycanthropes, is occupied by Bradon and the rest of the Tampa Council. If he notices their disdain, Bradon doesn’t show it. I chuckle lowly as I remember Bradon’s annoyance that I would be married in my ceremonial robes instead of a tuxedo, or at least, a decent suit. I think Bradon was looking forward to dressing me. Read more →

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising Chapter 25 – A Very Long Conversation, A Decision, and An Ending

14 Jul
July 14, 2014

My eyes flicked open. The pain was gone. All of my pain was gone. As I stood up, I looked down. I was in true form and naked, but where were my wounds? Lothos had savaged me damn good before I managed to put him down, but my pelt was unmarred. There was no blood on me. There wasn’t any blood around me. I couldn’t even smell any blood. That’s when I realized I couldn’t smell any of the normal scents of the forest or hear the normal sounds around me. Experience told me that something was wrong, but my instincts were eerily quiet. I think that disturbed me more than anything else. Read more →

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising Double Feature!

14 Jul
July 14, 2014

For this week’s Monday Fiction, we’re wrapping up Badmoon Rising with Chapter 25, plus an Epilogue. This has been one of my longest on-going writing projects, and I’m happy/sad to see it finally concluded. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising – Chapter 24 – Time For The Last Dance

12 May
May 12, 2014

“Well, this has just become interesting,” Nick said to me quietly. I chuckled as we watched the large force of lycanthropes that had been sneaking up on our encampment was now caught in the glare of several spotlights. They scattered like cockroaches as they sprinted for the little cover that could be found in the parking lot. The smarter ones sprinted across the street to a small wooded area. Shouts of alarm echoed up and down our encampment as sleeping warriors, hunters, and shaman were rousted to the emerging fight.

“Always with the understatement,” I replied to Nick. I pointed to one of the warriors we’d picked up from Hernando County. “Get more lights along the perimeter, and make sure some of them are aimed at that forest.” He nodded and darted away.

Lord Savik, Fangbearer, Devon Thames, and one of the Disputed Territories Red Knights crouched down next to Nick and me behind the sedan. Fangbearer, Devon, and the Knight were in tactical gear and cradling P90’s. Lord Savik was dressed in his ceremonial robes. At least he had a pistol holstered at his side. Like Nick and me, the quartet were all in true form.

Lord Savik ignored the questioning looks I traded with his companions. No one in the leadership of our force was happy with Lord Savik’s casual disregard of the danger. It was one thing when we were talking with the county packs and leaderships, but we were now in Leon County, where Tallahassee resided. Those forces across from us were under the direct control of Blackhawk. Or at least, that’s how we had to treat them. Read more →

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising Chapter 23 – Where’s This Calm Before The Storm They Keep Telling Me About?

17 Mar
March 17, 2014

After talking with the others, I was sure I needed to talk with Elizabeth. I was also sure that it was probably a good idea to get cleaned up first. Our relationship was shaky enough without the chance of her picking up Lady Anna’s scent on me. Elizabeth might get the wrong idea, or worse, the right one. The last thing we all needed was for Elizabeth and Lady Anna to get into a nasty fight. I let out a tired laugh as I stepped into my room. Any other time, it would’ve been the height of scandal to have two beautiful aristocrat females fighting over the affections of a lowly Badmoon. Now, it could destroy the alliance before we even got to Tallahassee. Read more →

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising Chapter 22 – Treaties and Complications

06 Jan
January 6, 2014

“Well, that is an interesting sight,” Fangbearer said from the front seat of the van. “The border is completely unguarded.” The convoy of about a dozen vans, trucks, and cars that carried all of the lycanthropes out of the Disputed Territories were now in the second day of the journey to Hillsborough. Getting out of the Disputed Territories was disturbingly easy. It didn’t seem like there were any of the normal guards on the border between Broward and Collier, nor did anyone shadow us. Best guess was that everyone was looking north. To keep us off everyone’s radar, we stayed off the main roads and navigated through the back roads. For the final stretch into Hillsborough, Lord Savik ordered something bold. Our full convoy was driving into Hillsborough up I-75 in broad daylight. Lord Savik had been friendly with the Lord of Manatee County for many years prior to the fall of the Disputed Territories. He was convinced that Lord Kant would help rally the southern aristocracy to our side in the coming fight. Or at least, Lord Kant could help keep them the hell out of our way.

“Well, that is very interesting,” Lord Savik said, walking up to the front of the van. “Paul was always very conscientious about his duty. So why would he pull his guards off the border?”

“Could they be hidden?” Lady Anna asked.

“We’re less than two miles from the border,” Lord Savik said, “If they wanted a chance of stopping us without attracting undue attention, I very much doubt they’d be hidden at this point. There aren’t even any unmarked police cars around.”

“They were pulled off,” Nick said quietly. The others in the van turned back to look at the tall hunter. “The quarantine is not being enforced. Just like the quarantine of your counties wasn’t being enforced when we left. Why else do you think we had such an easy time of leaving?”

“That makes no sense,” Lady Anna said, “Why would the prince tell his lords not to enforce his own quarantines? Especially after pushing it so hard?”

“Because the prince is not in charge anymore,” I said, following Nick’s logic. “He’s surrendered his throne to the War Council. That’s always the first step isn’t it? It’s not like any of the counties surrounding ours were ever happy about the quarantines. The moment they wouldn’t have to enforce them, they wouldn’t.” The others in the van didn’t answer me, but the cold looks on Lord Savik, Lady Anna, and Fangbearer were all the confirmation I needed. Read more →

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising – Chapter 21 – Things Become Clearer….I Think.

11 Nov
November 11, 2013

“How the hell are you here?” I asked, keeping the HK45 trained on Bradon. I was pretty sure it was Bradon. The elegantly cut dark suit and calm demeanor was definitely Bradon’s style, but I’d been fooled before.

“A simple question that covers a lot of complex territory,” Bradon said. “Ranger, could you please put that pistol down? I used to wonder if you could shoot me, but you proved that. I’d rather you not prove it again. I don’t want to see all of my work destroyed. Neither do you, unless you’d rather see Tampa and the surrounding counties in Lothos’s control.”

“None of which answers the question,” I said, keeping the glowing green dot on Bradon’s forehead.

“Ranger put the gun down,” Nick said, appearing out of the doorway. I looked back at my friend and back to the vampire. Neither Bradon nor Nicky were surprised by the others presence, which meant that these two were working together. Betrayal and rage flared through me before I clamped down on my emotions. I almost shot Nick right there, but I knew there was more going on. Read more →

Badmoon Rising – Chapter 20 – Oh, Look What Followed Us Here

30 Sep
September 30, 2013

Hangman and Vanessa looked at me in stunned silence. Then, their faces melted into concerned looks. I knew what was going through their minds. The idea of Nick being in the Disputed Territories was ludicrous. Hangman and I had watched as he was expelled from Florida by the prince and led away by a lycanthrope from Nebraska. Even if Nick managed to escape, Hangman would’ve heard something from the State Guild before we’d left Tallahassee.

“Yes, I know it’s crazy,” I said, preempting the pair,”I know that the simplest explanation based on all the evidence was that I simply imagined Nick being this mysterious savior.”

“But you still believe you saw him on the street,” Hangman said, flatly. “Does that gut feeling come from the same place as your instincts?”

“What do you mean, Sam?” Vanessa asked, confused. He held up a hand to let me think. Where was that certainty coming from?

“Maybe, but I honestly don’t know. It happened so fast, I can’t remember clearly,” I answered.

Read more →

Badmoon Rising – Chapter 19 – New Town, New Rules, Same Old Killin’

05 Jul
July 5, 2013

The Society’s listening post for the Disputed Territories was outside Boca Raton, just north of the Broward county line. It was located in a small office park off A1A that catered to clients that valued anonymity and relative ease of access. The guard at the gate gave our ID’s a hard examination before stepping in to the guardhouse to alert our Society contact that we’d arrived. After a very brief few words, the guard handed back our ID’s and motioned for us to continue into the office park. Vanessa scowled as I pulled the truck through the gate.

“Can I say again that I think this is a bad idea?” she asked. Read more →

Badmoon Rising – Chapter 18 – I Am A Badass, I Don’t Care What That Vampire Said

15 May
May 15, 2013

Vanessa packed up all of her gear in record time. To her credit, she didn’t say anything as we climbed into one of the Guild’s cars. She just gave me concerned looks as I sat down in the driver’s seat. My professionalism was screaming bloody murder at me for putting my partner in danger, but the rest of me just didn’t give a damn. Plus, the place should be safe. Even if the TCV thought the lycanthropes were almost finished, they wouldn’t dare touch neutral ground. I gunned the car out of the Guild. I looked up into the beginnings of night.

Poppa Gus’s looked the same as it did before the war. Hell, the only change in the entire strip mall was the out-of-business sign on the furniture store that anchored the mall. I looked over the parking lot. No vampires were in sight. I made sure to grab the messenger bag with the MP5K and all of its goodies. I may be acting foolish, but I hadn’t lost all of my sense. Vanessa grabbed her laptop as we exited the car. She looked around nervously as she followed me into the restaurant. Read more →