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Trying Very Hard Not to Scream

One of my quirks is that I must be on time to the point I would rather be a half-hour early than be even five minutes late. I can feel my spine squiggle if I’m running late.

My brother, in contrast, does make an effort to get someplace on time, but it’s not really a big deal to him if he’s late.

Now, imagine my stress when dealing with my brother and his two coworkers when we’re running late from lunch.

I want to scream at them to hurry up, but I know it’s just me being an ass. That doesn’t stop my spine from doing the jiggly dance of stress.

Florida Ironies

Florida summer has returned with its normal blazing heat combined with enough humidity to make you think you’re breathing through a wet towel. Okay, I’ve lived here since I was four. I’m kind of used to it.

Here’s the fun part. Apparently, this summer wave has made someone in the office think the remedy is to turn up the A/C to extreme levels. Outside, furnace. Inside, it’s cold enough I need to turn on my heater just to make my office comfortable.

Where’s my pack of feral chihuahuas when I need them?

Just Because PowerPoint Will Let You, Doesn’t Mean You Should

If you want to make a bad presentation that you’re going to give, then fine. It’s your professional reputation. That said, if you’re going to give me a bad PowerPoint and tell me that’s what I have to use, please expect a verbal broadside.

For the record:

1. Bright red letters on a blue background is not pretty, it’s painful.
2. Never, never use Comic Sans font. I don’t care how “cutesy” you think it is. It is not a font that should be used in a professional PowerPoint.

If I wasn’t constrained by personal morals and workplace violence rules, I would counsel the perpetrator with a pack of feral chihuahuas.

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