Some Funny Gun Comics

06 Oct
October 6, 2012

Jeph Jacques, who does the webcomic Questionable Content, had remarked that he hates when people don’t draw guns realistically. So, he brings his own unique twist:


Jeph is not a gun person, but those are still funny as hell. If you’re not reading Questionable Content, I would highly recommend it. Start from the beginning. There are so many great story arcs.

Zombie Strike Part 4 Chapter 30

05 Oct
October 5, 2012

In Chapter 30, Jim is forced to deal with his history as Nate West. Fortunately for Jim, Zombie Strike isn’t about to let one of their members go quietly.

Narrator: Kenn Blanchard

Story: Derek Ward

This episode was originally broadcast on the Urban Shooter podcast.

Note: In the early episodes, I hadn’t figured out the numbering scheme. So the part/chapter numbers on the audio may not match the post title.


GRPC and Politics

04 Oct
October 4, 2012

Of course with this being an election year, many of the speakers at the Gun Rights Policy Conference were focused on the presidential race. We were inundated with how dangerous Obama was and how important/dangerous this year’s election. Even if we didn’t agree with Romney, we had to vote for him because of the Supreme Court. As I stated in a previous post that argument is utter bullshit. Romney is just a big a statist as Obama in my opinion, just fro m the right instead of the left. The end result for my personal liberties would be the same.

Of all the speakers, only Jeff Knox really focused on the Senate. This is really the bulwark against threats to our gun rights. The Senate approves Supreme Court nominees and treaties. We need to make sure we have a solid bloc of pro-gun rights Senators. I don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, or other as long as they will vote to protect our rights.

Zombie Strike Part 4 Chapter 29

03 Oct
October 3, 2012

In Chapter 29, Jim and the team are racing to get to the minion and the power of the altar. The team is ambushed by a special force of zombies by the minion. As the battle ends, the minion taunts Jim.

Narrator: Kenn Blanchard

Story: Derek Ward

This episode was originally broadcast on the Urban Shooter podcast.

Note: In the early episodes, I hadn’t figured out the numbering scheme. So the part/chapter numbers on the audio may not match the post title.


Zombie Strike Part 4 Chapter 28

01 Oct
October 1, 2012

Chapter 27 wasn’t recorded, so here’s the text.

Chapter 28

Salem, Wyoming, approximately 50 miles west of Laramie, 18 February 2010, 1100 hours local; Countdown: 1 year, 11 months, 12 days

Jim Collins was silent. It had been over two decades since he had discussed Nate West with anyone. Now Mateo Cortez, the Zombie Strike field leader and Jim’s boss, was asking. Mateo waited impatiently with a look of rage on his face. He had the right. Jim didn’t tell him about things that were important to the team’s safety. Jim never told Mateo about the altar.

“I’m Nate West,” Jim said finally, his voice weak, “Nathaniel James West was the name I was born with, in this town.” He gave Mateo a somber look. “And I know what the minion is looking for.” There was a dark silence between the two men. Mateo burned with the rage of betrayal. He wasn’t saying anything because he didn’t trust himself to speak at the moment. Read more →

GRPC Post 6

30 Sep
September 30, 2012

Although there was a lot of good information from the speakers, there were a few that just turned me off. I realize that the base of the gun rights movement is the stereotypical mature, white, Christian conservative male, and that the speakers pissing me off were probably very good for that demographic. That said, that demographic is shrinking as more and more new shooters come into the community.

I’ll post on the panels more as go over my notes.

What did surprise me was the number of people I met while Kenn and I were smoking our cigars. We met a lot of the Florida Carry group. We also met with Paul Lathrop Raquel Okyay from the Politics and Guns podcast. I found out that Raquel is from my neck of the woods, and we both share a burning hatred of Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee. Kenn even talked to a couple of the guys from Madison Rising.

I swear, if I get to go to another of these, I’m starting a smoking lounge.

GRPC Post 5

29 Sep
September 29, 2012

Listening to the political panelists and I’m really thinking of taking a tally of current election memes. Like “this is the most important election in our lifetime,” “my parent/grandparent came to America for a better life”, and all of the religious appeals. All of which works fine for many of the attendees.

The problem is those approaches do more than just not work for me, they repulse me. Using those means that you are trying to make an emotional appeal rather than a logical one.

GRPC Post 4

29 Sep
September 29, 2012

This is really just me playing with the panorama feature of my phone.

Here’s the GRPC ballroom before most of the people came in:


This is it with some of the attendees:


GRPC Post 3

29 Sep
September 29, 2012

One of the nice things about coming to the GRPC is the sheer amount of literature that is provided. Let me make this clear, I am very grateful for what they have given me just for coming. Still, for someone who has been working hard on transitioning from dead tree to ebooks, the stack was a little frustrating.

To illustrate:


That’s the stack of books next to my iPad. A whole stack of ebooks is a hell of a lot easier to haul around than a bunch of tattooed dead trees.

GRPC Day One

29 Sep
September 29, 2012

Day One was mostly me getting to meet people. I met up with Kenn, which is always a blast.

I met with Katy Jackson of Kornered Kat fame, and she is just as nice as you can want.

I met with John Richardson and his “Complimentary Spouse.” They were gracious enough to let me hang around them and introduced me to several others.

All in all, they went out of their way to make me feel like one of the family for my first GRPC.

And Madison Rising rocks!