Metal Tuesday- Kiske & Sommerville – Run With A Dream

26 Sep
September 26, 2017

This week’s comes from an album composed as a compliment to the old MMO “City of Heroes.” Man, I miss that game.

Concerting on the other side of 40

24 Sep
September 24, 2017

I’ve noticed two big differences in how I approach concerts than I did when I was younger.

  1. I no longer feel the need or desire to be in the crush around the stage. Hell, I’m willing to pAy a bit extra to get seats away from the floor.

  2. Ear pro. I remember boasting of being slightly deaf to my dad after he picked me up from a Faith No More concert. I was stupid back then.

I’m sure there are more, but those were the two that stuck out at me.

Saturday Happenings

23 Sep
September 23, 2017
  1. I’ve watched the first four episodes of the new Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam. It’s been pretty decent so far.

  2. I do not understand why some people are so full of their own self-importance that they feel the need to jump out of their car and berate the person in front of them for not pulling forward enough. In their opinion. Which would require the person in front of them to block the intersection.

  3. The 5.11 store in Tampa is finally open! I’m going to have to do something about that.

  4. We come out of the restaurant and my nephew proudly claims he’s finally taller than me. I look at him, look at the ground, and then back up at him. “Dude, you realize I’m standing on an incline, right?” Twelve-year-old face just deflates. I’ve got to take these small victories when I can. I’ve probably got six months before the boy will be taller than me.

  5. Best family costume idea – the ninja hedgerow from the early Tick comics. Man, those old comics were funny as hell.

Felons and Guns

23 Sep
September 23, 2017

Time for another unpopular opinion –

Felons who have done their time should have all their rights restored once they have completed their sentence. This includes Second Amendment rights. There are a few reasons:

  1. In this day and age, about the only people who haven’t committed a felony are infants. Between “tough on crime” initiatives and administrative law, Americans committ at least two or three felonies a day. Why should someone lose their rights because some prosecutor decided to selectively enforce a law against someone?

  2. “But what about violent felons?” A person with a propensity for both violence and crime are dangerous whether or not they have rights restored. This subset of our population would be dangerous even if they only had access to weapons that could be bought from a hardware or general store. Or fabricated from items bought at a store. Or hell, just buying gasoline.

  3. Kinda related to above is the assumption that a violent person with criminal intent would suddenly decide to get his/her weapons through legal means instead of stealing it or buying it off another criminal.

Here’s what it boils down to IMHO. Currently, we are over-criminalized AND that over-criminalization is selectively enforced. Hence, it is very easy for the state to deprive people of their civil rights, but very difficult for a person to get his/her civil rights restored. Furthermore, because the state is inefficient, other people are having their rights delayed because we do not restore people’s rights when their sentence is completed.

Three Things I’m Excited About To Round Out 2017

22 Sep
September 22, 2017




*Yes, I know the second Kingsmen comes out in September, but I won’t get to see it until October.

Now Where’s My Tar and Feathers

20 Sep
September 20, 2017

You’re a county code enforcement person whose county has just been hit by a hurricane. And not a little Cat 1, but a pretty decent Cat 3. A lot of people in your county are without power and most businesses are closed. What is the best way you can serve those taxpayers who pay for your salary? Well, if you work Miami-Dade, you trundle out in your vehicle and start handing out “warnings” to homeowners.

Tallahassee – Where All Capitalism is Crony

19 Sep
September 19, 2017

I really do love my state, but it has some flaws. No, not the weather or the bugs. Most of the issues reside in the legislature. More to the point, with the legislators who seem to think that cronyism is how an economy is supposed to run. This is particularly true of the utilities sector. Case in point:

I’m sure the utilities, or their PR firms, have some reason for working to deny people the choice to be completely off the grid. It may even sound somewhat plausible. Yet it still comes down to private firms using government force to make people use their services.

H/t McThag

Metal Tuesday- Armor of God – Faith Hope & Love

19 Sep
September 19, 2017

This week’s band is relatively local, hailing from Orlando. I saw them when Hammerfall came to town, and we all know I’m a sucker for female-fronted metal. Here’s a track that I enjoyed.


17 Sep
September 17, 2017

Sunday was consumed with moving my brother out to the other side of the state to start a new job. Due to extenuating circumstances, the plan is for him to stay in a borrowed RV during the week and come back to Tampa on the weekend.

Lessons to take away:

  1. Having a soda erupt in the lap is bad enough. Having to drive around with slightly sticky jeans for eight or nine hours just makes everything worse.

  2. Running GPS while connected to a Bluetooth speaker and a watch takes more power than my iPhone 6 draws from the car outlet.

  3. Revolutions is a great podcast to just leave on for a long drive. And I don’t understand those who talk about the “romanticism” of the French Revolution. That was just a bloody, ball of crazy on all sides.

  4. I really miss my truck when I have to drive someone else’s vehicle for a semi-long trip.

  5. Anytime I think of just buying an RV and living out of an RV to simplify my life, I remember I hate driving vehicles bigger than my Xterra.

  6. It’s a very good thing that Honda Civics get very good gas mileage. Particularly when your brother accidentally leaves his idling the entire time you go out for Chinese buffet. Side note – we found his keys!

  7. Even after all the memes, it’s still kind of amazing how inventively a soldier can crash a humvee with trailer. Even more amusing when it’s the MPs who crashed their humvee.

  8. I’m very glad to be back in my home – even if the cats are already driving me insane.

Long Live the Trackball!

16 Sep
September 16, 2017

And in the seemingly endless list of things to add to my “want” list comes the Logitech MX Ergo.

I’m a big fan of thumb trackballs. I started with them when I was at college because I fucking hated the trackpad on my laptop, and there was rarely enough space for a regular mouse to move around. My brother suggested trying a trackball, and I never looked back.

Both of my home computers use them. Heck, I have a ten-year-old one at work that I’m hoping will not die on me because getting a new one through our IT would be a pain. Plus there’s the slight humor factor of when my coworkers have to use my computer for some reason.

When my brother and I were setting up my computers after Irma, I’d thought we lost one of the Bluetooth nubs to one of the trackballs. I was busily figuring out how to fit an MX Ergo into my recovery budget before we found the nub still in place on my tower.

Right now, I can’t justify the $100. Maybe when one of my current trackballs die, or if I get a significant bonus from work. Until then, I will just salivate.