DateSeptember 7, 2017

Status at T Minus 60 Hours

My preps are decent. As good as budget allowed.

Worried about the wind because I don’t have any real storm shutters.

There’s this little tiny part of my mind – I get it from my grandmother- that is screaming in terror about this monster bearing down on the state. I’m trying not to pay attention to it because: a) it’s not helping me prepare, b) there are people who are looking to me for guidance (as if that ain’t scary all on its own), and c) being frightened is just draining.

This is more confessional than anything else. Hopefully, I’ll look back on this post in a week or a year and think “It wasn’t as bad as I feared.”

Now to gird up the loins, and go put on the brave face.

DeVos Rolling Back the “Dear Colleague” Letter

Reason magazine is reporting on a copy of remarks Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is going to give about the infamous “Dear Colleague” letter that sent college campuses on rape witch hunts.

Here’s my issue: Why are college administrators conducting trials on rape allegations? There is no jurisdiction in these United States where rape is not a felony. Guess what? We already have a system for investigating and trying felonies. It’s called the criminal judicial system.

Rape is an ugly crime. It’s also a messy one when it’s between friends/acquaintances, not to mention when alcohol is thrown into the mix. The presumption of innocence and the confrontational nature of trials means that real rapists are not brought to justice. That does not mean you hand it over to kangaroo courts with ridiculously low burdens of proof and rules that would bring a raised eyebrow to a dictator.

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