DateMarch 22, 2018

Gun News on a Friday

The Good:

Just as YouTube starts banning gun videos a new place ramps up. I see myself losing a lot of time over there.

The Bad:

Citibank joins Kroger in virtue signaling. The bank’s actions worry me, because if others follow Citi’s actions it will strangle the gun industry. Just look at the damage Operation Chokehold did a few years ago.

The Hilarious:

Also related to YouTube’s banning, one channel decided on an alternate distribution channel. At least PornHub has a strong record when it comes to free speech.

Early Days for Self-Driving Cars

Borepatch helpfully linked to this article regarding to the pedestrian killed by an autonomous Uber vehicle in Arizona. According to the cops, who reviewed the Uber car’s dash cam, it’s unlikely a human driver would have been able to avoid the pedestrian.

I understand why Borepatch distrusts them, but I still believe that the self-driving car will be as revolutionary as the car itself was. Yes, it will destroy some industries. If history is any teacher, the technology will also lead to the rise of brand new industries.

And maybe finally kill the stupid passenger/commuter rail proponents.

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