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Friday Quote – Col. Jeff Cooper

The media insists that crime is a major concern of the American public today. In this connection they generally push the point that a disarmed society would be a crime-free society. They will not accept the truth that if you have take all the guns off the street you will still have a crime problem, whereas if you take the criminals off the street you will not have a gun problem.

What Happened to Mighty Orbots?

I always wondered why such a cool show only ran 13 episodes. Of course the answer lawfare.

At least it gave us a great theme song.

There Are No Bounds For Government Avarice

Two stories to prove that revenue starved governments will stoop to remarkable levels to squeeze every last dollar.

First, comes a story of New York taxmen chasing people leaving the state to wring whatever they can. The story says New York is examining not only public records, but private records as well, such as airplane and hotel costs. The kicker is the auditors conducting “in-home” audits. I would have a dim view of anyone trying to look inside my home to see if they can tax me more.

Before you think they’re just going after the rich who aren’t “paying their fair share” (another time, another post), we find Chicago is seizing and quickly selling people’s vehicles. At least with civil asset forfeiture, there’s the pretense of a trial. This is quickly ticket, boot, impound, and sell. A scheme that is aimed at the lower income folks who can’t afford the time and money to fight city authorities.

Metal Tuesday- I Prevail – Worst Part of Me

Kind of like a mix between Amaranthe and Skillet.

Thin Privilege

ShoeOnHead put this video out:

Is life easier for thin people? In so many ways. Is it privilege? Nope. Any more than being mainstream is privilege compared to being a geek.

Weight loss is hard. It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to get frustrated with all the looks of disdain,and not finding clothes that fit, and not finding chairs that fit, and the unasked for advice. And what do most of us heavy people do when frustrated? We eat. We eat because it’s a pleasure. It’s a moment of bliss in a sea of agony.

But Derek, why are you calling yourself heavy? Didn’t you lose a bunch of weight?

Yeah. I did. It was hard work for TWO YEARS. And the moment I stop doing the hard work of counting calories, I will balloon right back up. So, no matter how “thin” I get, I know there’s a heavy person screaming for me to just eat all the chocolate.

Could society be better towards heavy people? Maybe, but society could be better towards everyone. Does that let heavy people off the hook? No. We got dealt a hand of slow metabolism, which means we have to work harder to stay fit. It sucks. It took me more tries than I want to think about to find a plan and mindset that worked for me.

I won’t condemn someone for being heavy. I will condemn someone for blaming others for their problems without evidence.

And thin privilege has less evidence than acupuncture.

Friday Quote – Ron Paul

The use of government force to stop adults from putting certain substances into their bodies – whether marijuana, saturated fats, or raw milk – violates the nonaggression principle that is the bedrock of a free society.

Why Do Your Job If There Are No Consequences?

Via Miguel, we learn Broward decided to retain its school superintendent. After all, why should the establishment give a damn that they cluster-fucked every thing in regards to Parkland? It’s not like the voters are going to hold them accountable.

Day Job Fun

For those who aren’t aware, my day job is with the .gov. This means a lot of my EDC is not allowed. That being said, most people ignore/don’t notice my Leatherman clipped to my pocket. My colleague and I went to do training at another office, and the security politely asked me to put my Leatherman back in my car, since it’s not allowed. Of course, I complied with a polite request.

Colleague I can’t believe he made you take that back out to the car.

Me First, he’s right and it’s a prohibited item. Second, at least he let me put it out in the car and didn’t confiscate my $80 pocket knife. Third, it’s not like that’s the only knife I have on me.

Metal Tuesday- Within Temptation- Reckoning

Within Temptation has a new album out, and I really like it. I’ve enjoyed their direction over these last two albums. Here’s the first track.

Tab Clearing

Bunch of odds and ends I’m not going to have time to make full posts on, but you should RTWT.

A column from the New York Post on why people distrust journalists. Letting your political bias and disdain for fully half the country ain’t helping.

Surviving Your 15 Minutes of Hate I’m not going to lie and say that this does not worry me. It’s one reason I write under a pseudonym.

From Volokh Conspiracy, 3 Rules About Hate Speech This is one thing I dread is having to explain this to my niece and nephew.

From USCarry, 5 Types of People You Shoukd Avoid While Concealed Carry A lot of don’t go stupid places with stupid people doing stupid things.

And for something completely different, how to cook perfect rice in an Instant Pot. Which is the main thing the Wife To Be and I use ours for these days.

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