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Badmoon Rising – Chapter Five: Rites and Sidekicks

04 Feb
February 4, 2012 The morning after my meeting with Bradon I was back in the Guildmaster’s office. There was precious little new information since the meeting with the heads of the Guild. It looked like the Guildmaster had been waiting in his office for any of the precious nuggets. His normal meticulous appearance was even more haggard than the last time I’d seen him. I was worried that my boss was driving himself too hard. Usually, the Guildmaster’s personal hitter was a close friend and could talk to him when the personal hitter thought the Guildmaster was acting poorly. This was one of the times that my mentor-student relationship instead of the more normal relationship hampered some of my duties. Maybe I needed to talk to his wife. Maybe she could do something about the Guildmaster wrecking himself. Read more →