Welcome to the world of Derek Ward. This is where I let my imagination and my opinions run wild.

I am a writer of fiction. Urban fantasy, science-fiction, or whatever just happens to strike my fancy. Some of you may have come here because of my work on Zombie Strike with Kenn Blanchard.

Here is where you will find chapters of my novel Badmoon Rising. It’s best to start at the beginning. Other denizens of my imagination will also crop up on occasion, such as my series, Avalon.

I am also a bit opinionated. For the record, I am a rabid libertarian, rabid gun-owner, and not-so-rabid atheist. This makes for fun interactions with my co-workers at my day job in the federal government. I know, libertarian government worker seems to be an oxymoron, but I do best to make sure we do an important function with the best cost to the taxpayer.

Feel free to contact me at derek.ward.author@gmail.com if you have comments on anything you read here.