For the werewolves and vampires of Tampa, the Peace keeps the two races from slaughtering each other. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the need for the occasional assassination, spying, or other subterfuge. For that, the werewolf lord calls upon the Hunters Guild. Ranger is not just one of the hunters that gets to do all of those fun activities – he’s the Guildmaster’s personal hitter, the one that gets all of the real interesting jobs. As good a hunter as he is, that’s what not Ranger is known for amongst the werewolves. Among them, he is the Badmoon, the werewolf with no lineage in any of the packs. For the close-knit werewolf society, Ranger is the Other. Many call him an abomination. It’s a good thing Ranger is very good at his job.

The very public assassination of the werewolf lord by the vampires turns the cold war hot. The problem is that the vampires weren’t responsible for the assassination. It’s up to Ranger and his allies to delve into the murky world of state politics to find the assassin and stop the entire state from plunging into war. Oh, and deal with his growing attraction to the lord’s daughter. It’s a good thing Ranger is very good at his job.


Prologue: Why I Hate Camping

Chapter One: Pay Attention, There’s a Lot of Stuff You Need to Know

Chapter Two: I Always Call Him Nick

Chapter Three: Dealing with Others

Chapter Four: Head Shots are Always a Bitch

Chapter Five: Rites and Sidekicks

Chapter Six: All’s Fair In War

Chapter Seven: Weird Stuff Just Happens, Even To Me

Chapter Eight: Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter Nine: Leeches on the Left, Ghouls on the Right

Chapter Ten: Easy Jobs Are Never Easy

Chapter 11: There’s a Dark Cloud For Every Silver Lining

Chapter 12: There’s Worse Things Than Being on Trial For My Life

Chapter 13: Sometimes Even I Think I’m Cursed

Chapter 14: The Only Constant Is Change

Chapter 15: Welcome to the New Job, Same as the Old Job

Chapter 16: Laying the Groundwork

Chapter 17: Answers, Questions, Answers, Death

Chapter 18: I Am A Badass, I Don’t Care What That Vampire Said

Chapter 19: New Town, New Rules, Same Old Killin’

Chapter 20: Oh, Look What Followed Us Here

Chapter 21: Things Become Clearer…I Think

Chapter 22: Treaties and Complications

Chapter 23: Where’s This Calm Before The Storm They Keep Telling Me About?

Chapter 24: Time For the Last Dance

Chapter 25: A Very Long Conversation, A Decision, and an Ending