It’s been seven years since the end of the alien war. The war killed three-quarters of the human population and destroyed the nations of the world. Now, the world is picking up and rebuilding under the auspices of Liberation – the faction that led humanity against the aliens. Filling in Liberation’s gaps, and occasionally stopping Liberation’s abuses, are the Irregulars, a loose confederation of small bands of freedom fighters that came about during the alien war. Now, instead of alien tyranny, the Irregulars fight against human tyranny.

The war also gave the world the demis. In a bizarre twist of fate, the aliens’ attempt to wipe out humanity with bio-weapons created the edge humanity needed to survive. In another time and place, these people would be called superheroes and supervillains. People who wield extraordinary powers. During the war, the demis helped level the field against the aliens’ technology.

Kevin was known during the war as the Metal Ghost, a member of the Praetorian Team Blue, the most famous of Liberation’s elite combat demi teams. He, like the rest of the team, was portrayed as the model of a Liberation demi. Except for the small fact that he was a spy, and not a demi. A cyborg cobbled together from human and alien technology by the last remnants of the American government, Kevin survives in the post-war world as a freelancer, taking whatever jobs he can, and keeping a low profile.

Unfortunately, the world has other plans.

Irregulars 1 – Irregular Investigation

Irregulars 2 – Irregular Assassination