Skull Island was once a beautiful South Pacific paradise. Then the dead started to rise. Zombies killed most of the tourists and staff and now roam the island. For nearly five years, the island was effectively quarantined. Humans, it seemed, could not face the undead without succumbing to a mind-numbing terror. Well, almost all humans. Some could go up against the zombies. First, a few game hunters sneaked onto the island for the ultimate hunt. Then someone had the idea for Zombie Strike. The ultimate in reality television and extreme sports. Teams and individuals competed for a $1 million prize. All they had to do was go from bunker to bunker and survive Skull Island and its undead denizens.

Mateo Cortez was one of those lucky few who made it through Zombie Strike. A year later, he’s brought back to Skull Island and teamed up with other past winners. A small clause in their contracts required them to act as a freelance zombie killing team for a shadowy insurance firm. What should be a simple job sets the team against an evil cult bent on resurrecting their ancient god and taking over the world. Maybe they should have read their contracts a little closer…

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