Shooting and Fishing With the Kiddos

28 Jun
June 28, 2018

We’re having a small diaspora around these parts. I’m moving from northern Hillsborough county down to Parrish with The Girlfriend. My brother, Rocket Engineer, got a job at Cape Canaveral last fall, and now that school is out, my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew are moving over to the east side of the state. Shooting Buddy is moving out of The Brother’s (the one that gives me Metal Tuesday fodder), and moving to my mom’s place (which is being vacated by sister-in-law and co) to act as caretaker for mom’s place and mine (until mine gets sold). Got all that? Yeah, it’s confusing on this side as well.

Anyways, with all of the moving and distances, I took a few personal days to spend with the kids. They specifically asked if I would take them shooting and fishing. I decided that I would take them individually to the range, and there would be a joint fishing trip with Shooting Buddy (who also happens to be Fishing Buddy).

Last week, I took the nephew to the range. At thirteen, the boy’s nudging six feet. So, in addition to his 10/22 that I bought him a few years ago, he played with my M&P 22 and my M&P9c (first gen). He really liked the .22 pistol. We went through a couple of boxes of .22 before it was time for lunch.

Tuesday was the fishing trip. I’m not a big fishing person. I went to Florida Carry’s Open Carry fishing events, but that was more RKBA and less fishing. Shooting Buddy is a fisherman from a long line of fisherman. So, I let him organize and me finance the day’s adventures. We took the kids to one of the smaller parks on the Hillsborough river. Real pretty place with a nice boardwalk with shaded benches. This was the niece’s first fishing trip. She was a little squeamish at first at putting a worm on the hook, but as the day progressed, she got into it. Each of the kids caught a bluegill. I had the biggest catch of the day of a two hundred pound log. Stupid stick fish. Lunch entertainment was provided by the niece who caught a little too much wasabi in her sushi roll.

Yesterday was the niece’s range day. She’s an interesting one to take to the range, because she’s a southpaw. She mainly shot my M&P-15/22, which is now her rifle. Mainly because she likes that rifle and it gives me an excuse to get another .22 rifle at some point. She had a lot of fun plinking away with her new rifle.

I am going to have to set aside a few days a year to do these kinds of things with them after the moves. Keeps the family bonds strong.

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