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Did my civic duty. There are some elections where I’m excited to fill out my ballot. This time, it was draining. A lot of voting against candidates than voting for candidates. And quite a few blank votes, because I’m damn sure not voting for either one.

Metal Tuesday- Godsmack – When Legends Rise

Yeah, this one will stick in your head for a while.

Rabid Dogs

I have some very progressive friends on Facebook. Most of them are people I know in meatspace. One of them had a tweet bitching that Trump saying the synagogue attacked this weekend should have an armed guard was “blaming the victim.” I’ve seen similar attacks when women are told to take basic precautions. No, we should be disarming the people or making the bad men not be bad men. I’m calling bullshit on this.

People who do heinous acts are the human equivalent of rabid dogs. Why? You can’t reason with them. They’re worldview precludes reason by the time they’re acting. You will never take away enough dangerous items to prevent them from harming others. Just like you can’t take away a rabid dog’s teeth and claws, you can’t take away a human’s mind – and that’s the dangerous part. Take away guns, they’ll use knives, gasoline, acid, cars, or the myriad of other dangerous things we have in a modern world. The brutal truth is that the only way to deal with a rabid dog is to stop it with force.

It is not “blaming the victim” to tell people who live in dangerous areas or who belong to groups known to be the target of dangerous people to take precautions and to have the means to deal forcefully if/when the bad guys attack. It is dealing with realities of living in a modern society.

If you are a member of an often targeted group (i.e., minorities), and you want to learn how to protect yourself, I recommend getting in touch with Operation Blazing Sword. If you go to a place of worship, talk to your leadership about a security plan. It should not only be call 911. Ben Branam of the Modern Self Protection podcast offers a free church security outline.

Beware of the rabid dogs, and be prepared if they darken your door – wherever you are.

Friday Quote – Jared Howe

Anything which requires the labor or property of other people is not a basic human right. That includes education, healthcare, food, internet access, housing, or anything else that involves an investment of capital and labor. To demand free goods and services from people who sacrifice time and capital to produce them is to demand that those people become your slaves. You don’t have the right to enslave people for food or education or healthcare anymore than plantation owners had a right to enslave people to pick cotton.

Horoscopes for Professionals

Reason has a review up on the new book The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing by Merve Emre.

Probably one of my favorite quotes of the article:

The test has been most influential among the kinds of businesses given to weekend “success seminars” in Ramada ballrooms. Today you’ll still see people putting their Myers-Briggs type on their LinkedIn pages, the way others might mention their astrological sign on a dating profile.

My coworkers are big into this stuff, to the point that we need to talk about what style we are. Well, they do. I just answer sarcastically and remind them it’s all bullshit.

Which they say is typical of my type.

Judge Offers Victims CCW Class

From Rob’s Slow Facts blog comes a story about a judge offering free CCW classes for victims of a serial stalker.

After passing down the sentence [on the stalker], Ashland Municipal Court Judge John L. Good ordered the people who were victimized by Fulk to be provided with free Concealed Carry Weapon Classes.

The individuals who were victimized by Scott Fulk [convicted stalker] participated in CCW Classes on Sunday, September 30th, under the shared sentiment of “We will not be victims”.

Good sentiment.

Metal Tuesday- Turisas – The Land of Hope and Glory

The Brother got me into Apple Music after I was having some issues. This one popped up on my station and piqued my interest. And since I love sharing…

Not a Good Few Weeks For Peer Review

Okay, three academics getting papers they knew where utter bullshit published and considered great scholarship was one thing. Now, we have a respected journal publishing a horrific paper on homeopathy. The peer review process and the issues with p-hacking are undermining the current scientific process. What to do then?

I lean to not publishing without duplication. I always said that if I hit the lottery, particularly one of those big payouts, I’d start a lab for the purpose of just duplicating experiments. Kind of a UL for experiments.

Friday Quote- Fredrick Douglass

If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation…want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning…

Do You Understand Insurance?

An article in the local fish wrapper decries the fact that insurance companies use ZIP codes as part of determining the premium for auto insurance.

The analysis, released Monday, found that good drivers in lower-income areas are charged $410 more on average than good drivers in higher-income areas — and Tampa is no exception.

According to the analysis, there is an 18 percent difference on average in auto premiums for Tampa drivers depending on the average income of an area.

The issuer of the report, the Consumer Federation Of America, is worried that lower income folks are being penalized for where they live.

Of course, there’s very good reason why those ZIP codes may cause higher premiums – crime. Auto theft and vandalism are more prevalent in those areas than in others. That would put those areas in a higher risk of having to pay out a claim. Higher risks require higher premiums. Does it suck that a good driver has to pay more when (s)he did nothing more than live in a bad area? Yes. It would suck even more if they couldn’t obtain car insurance because some politician listed to the Consumer Federation Of America and forced the insurance companies to charge premiums below the risk.

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