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Metal Tuesday- Minniva – Night Witches

A female fronted metal band doing a cover of a Sabaton song. Could this be any more up my alley?

Monday Fiction – Badmoon Rising – Director’s Cut

I was never really happy with how I originally ended Badmoon Rising. Plus, I wanted to update the story a bit so Ranger wasn’t quite the mall-ninja. So, I decided to do Director’s Cut.

So go ahead and reread the whole story.

Friday Quote – Fredrich Hayek

The more the state “plans” the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.

Will the Valkyrie Fly?

My old friend Jim shared this with me on the Book Of Face. An RC plane builder designed and built a pair of VF-1 Valkyries from Marcoss/Robotech to see if the plane mode could actually fly.

NRA Troubles

If you haven’t heard, the NRA sued it’s PR firm – which is most likely part of an internal struggle between factions. Taking advantage of the situation, Everytown sent a notice to the IRS to look into the NRA’s non-profit status.

John Richardson has been doing yeoman’s work reporting on what’s been happening. You should be reading him daily anyways.

For what it’s worth, I think the Ack-Mack deal has been poisonous to the NRA for at least the last fifteen years or so. Under its influence, the NRA has gone hard to the right in non-RKBA issues in order to satisfy what Ack-Mack considered the “core constituency.”

Yeah, that’s a great plan. Except for the small fact that it alienated large swaths of new gun owners and potential new gun voters. The ones who aren’t Republicans or conservative. People who would work for gun rights, but don’t want to support an organization that turns around and advocates against other positions that they hold dear.

The kinds of people that could help make the Second Amendment dangerous for either party to play with.

I would hate to see the NRA go down in flames. I hope responsible adults among the Board of Directors are able to save the organization. I also hope this episode forces the NRA to get back to focusing on its core mission with a big-tent perspective.

Metal Tuesday- Avantasia- Lavendar

This one came on my playlist, and I realized I hadn’t put it up here. I am now correcting the oversight.

Every Day Carry 2019 Post

Last year list

Another in my series of seeing how things change year over year. I’ve started having two sets of EDC – one for when I’m going to the day job and one for when I’m just going out in public. Some items are the same between the sets, but others are switched out.


I use a Saddleback Large Leather wallet.. I keep one of those credit card multi-tools inside it. This is the same between both EDC sets.


I have a key ring that uses little caribiners to attach keys or other items. In addition to my keys, I have a Kingston 32GB Flash Drive, Gerber Artifact, and [Surefire Sidekick](SureFire Sidekick 300 Lumen Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight Bundle with USB Car and Wall Adaptors These go with me in either EDC sets.

“Urban Kit”

This is one of a [Maxpedition pocket pouch](Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer (Black) that I stash useful stuff. It goes with me in either EDC sets. I keep the following: – [First aid kit]( Coleman All Purpose 27 Piece Mini Kit, Travel First Aid Kit This handles handles minor emergencies – [Scissors and tweezers](First Aid Only Scissors & Metal Forcep Pack – Because sometimes a knife isn’t the tool for every situation – Bic disposal lighter – Must Have Fire – Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter – in case I need to use wired headphones – Anker lipstick battery – Short lightning cable for phone – Three foot or less, just long enough to use the lipstick batteries – 2 Spare CR123 batteries – Mainly for my flashlights – Reusable twist ties – Lightning to micro USB adapter – mostly so I can recharge my lipstick battery – 32GB flash drive – Emergency cash – No, I’m not going to say how much


For my day job EDC, I’m carrying a Leatherman Skeletool. It’s a bit “friendlier” when dealing with coworkers. For my going out EDC, I carry a Kershaw-Emerson CQC-10 along with a Gerber Dime multi-tool.


For the day job, I have carry older Streamlight ProTac. The rest of the time, I use the bigger [750 lumen version](Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe w/2 x CR123A Batteries – 750 Lumens

Pepper Spray

I carry a small Sabre Pepper Spray for both sets.


Currently, I’m using a pair of Apple AirPods. Expensive, but worth the cost IMHO. Of course, I needed to replace my old set (because I thought I lost them – I didn’t and now The Wife has her own set) right before Apple released the new version.


I’m using an iPhone 8. I have the 256 GB model because I cram it with audiobooks. Lots of audiobooks.


I’m using a Series 3 Apple Watch.


For the day job, I carry a pair of Smith and Wesson M&P tactical pens. For my other kit, I carry a CRKT tactical pen.


Unless I’m going to someplace I’m not legally allowed to carry, I generally have my Smith and Wesson M&P9 (First Gen) equipped with a Streamlight TLR-1 and Trijicon night sights. I keep it and the spare magazine loaded with 124-grain Speer Gold Dots (since that’s what the local cops use).

Friday Quote – Fredrich Hayek

“Emergencies” have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have eroded.

Army’s Looking For New Helicopters

The Army’s looking for a new helo to replace the venerable Blackhawk.

Bell Helicopter is submitting its V-280 Valor tilt-rotor.

Sikorsky And Boeing have their SB-1 Defiant.

Personally, I think the Defiant would fill the Blackhawk role better because of its smaller rotor-print. I can see a Defiant getting into the places troops need helos. I could see a tilt-rotor taking the heavy-lift role, such as the Chinook and the Sea Stallion.

The Army is also looking for a new scout bird. War Is Boring has a look at one of the proposals. The pick kind of looks like a Russian take on the old RAH-66 Commanchero prototype.

DeSantis Demands Free Speech Guidelines

The new Governor is asking Florida colleges to promulgate new speech guidelines with an emphasis on diversity of thought.

*DeSantis pressed the schools to adopt the set of principles outlined by the University of Chicago in 2014, known as the “Chicago statement,” and seen by campus free speech advocates as the standard all universities should adopt.+

It’s a good first step, but worthless if the administrations refuse to punish the hecklers.

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