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Metal Tuesday – Bowling For Soup – Normal Chicks

This is a sweet, if quirky, song. I won’t say it doesn’t remind me of The Wife, but…

Metal Tuesday – Bowling For Soup – I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before

This is just hilarious.

Metal Tuesday – Bowling For Soup – The Girl All The Bad Guys Want

I like that Bowling For Soup will take a common theme – the bad guy all the girls want – twist it, and then play it straight.

Metal Tuesday – Bowling For Soup – A Really Cool Dance Song

This kinda typifies why I like this band. They have very witty and self-aware lyrics.

Metal Tuesday – Bowling For Soup – 1985

I like doing odd things in June. So, this month will be “Bowling For Soup Month!” Mostly because I just went through their discography and really liked it.

So, we start out with the song that brought them to my attention.

Metal Tuesday- Serenity- Set the World on Fire

The Brother: Derek, you should check out this band. It’s right up your alley.

He wasn’t wrong.

Metal Tuesday- Shinedown – Devour

This is one of those that will get stuck in your head. I may know this from experience.

Metal Tuesday- Beyond the Black – Dear Death

Off their new album.

Metal Tuesday- Black Label Society- Stillborn

Black Label Society is one of those bands I need to be in the mood for.

Metal Tuesday – Brother’s Choice – Online Concerts

In this age of lockdown, there are a lot of bands doing online concerts. Though you need to buy a ticket for some, some bands are doing theirs for free and hoping for donations.

One of my favorite bands is Disillusion, and they did a free concert a couple of weeks ago and have also released it on YouTube:

I have also purchased tickets to another show (Insomnium/Omnium Gatherum) and am looking forward to buying more if I hear of more bands I am interested in.

Check in on artist you like and see if they are doing the same. If you can afford it kick them some cash – either through Patreon or other channels (buy some of their music on Bandcamp or merchandise).

With everything closed down, we still need to support the arts if we can.

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