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Metal Tuesday- Bloodbound – Battle in the Sky

11 Dec
December 11, 2018

A new favorite that recently popped into my feeds.

Metal Tuesday- Skillet – Monster

04 Dec
December 4, 2018

I’m really starting to like Skillet.

Metal Tuesday- Hollywood Undead – Young

27 Nov
November 27, 2018

This one came up in my Amaranthe radio station. It’s decent Nu Metal if you like Linkin Park. Unfortunately, this was the only halfway decent song on the album.

Metal Tuesday- Beyond the Black – Shine and Shade

19 Nov
November 19, 2018

This one may stick in your head for the next few days. Just warning.

Metal Tuesday- Skillet – Awake and Alive

13 Nov
November 13, 2018

Another new discovery on the streamings. It sounds kind of like Amaranthe, but with a slightly harder edge.

Metal Tuesday- Weezer – Africa

06 Nov
November 6, 2018

Okay, so not technically metal. Fuck it, this is my blog. And I have a fondness for this song. Weezer’s cover is one of the better ones I’ve come across.

Metal Tuesday- Godsmack – When Legends Rise

30 Oct
October 30, 2018

Yeah, this one will stick in your head for a while.

Metal Tuesday- Turisas – The Land of Hope and Glory

23 Oct
October 23, 2018

The Brother got me into Apple Music after I was having some issues. This one popped up on my station and piqued my interest. And since I love sharing…

Metal Tuesday- Volbeat – The Hangman’s Body Count

16 Oct
October 16, 2018

Western metal! Not country and western metal, but more like spaghetti western metal.

Metal Tuesday – Seven Kingdoms – In the Walls

09 Oct
October 9, 2018

This band is one of my favorites. I’m kinda surprised that I haven’t featured them more on Metal Tuesday. This week’s example: