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What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

19 Aug
August 19, 2019

This came up on the Concealed Carry podcast (I just recently added it to my feed). It’s an important question. Is the traditional wisdom still valid? So, what have I changed my mind about in terms of self-defense?

  1. I no longer carry two spare magazines. This is probably the biggest switch-out. After listening to a multitude of experts who have examined hundreds to thousands of self-defense situations, the evidence clearly shows that the situation will mostly be resolved with whatever bullets you have in your gun. The only reason I carry a spare is in case of malfunction.

  2. I don’t leave my gun in my truck. I don’t have a safe, and I’ve seen too many incidents where bad guys get guns because they were not properly secured in the vehicles (the guns, not the bad guys). Does this mean there are days I can’t carry? Unfortunately yes. Particularly since I can’t carry into the day job (not just breaking policy, but it’s a felony).

  3. Anonymity is a wonderful thing. Part of the reason I switched from my Aztek (which I loved) to my Xterra (which I also love) is that the Xterra is far more anonymous. Moreover, I don’t put any stickers or decals on my vehicle other than those that are required. If I’m out in public, I generally don’t wear anything that would scream “he’s got a gun!” Other CCWer’s would most likely know the signs, but not the general public.

I’m still evaluating the “how much lumens is enough” debate. I recently upgraded my EDC light to a 750 lumen model, which is maybe more light than I actually need. It’s hard to shake the “need all teh lumenz!”

Light Blogging

05 Aug
August 5, 2019

We’re getting into the two busiest months at the day job. Plus, I’m competing for Toastmasters.

Blogging will be light and sporadic.

No Free Ice Cream

31 Jul
July 31, 2019

Working on Toastmasters speech.

The Dining Wars

03 Jul
July 3, 2019

The owner of the Red Hen, infamous for refusing service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wrote an op-ed in the WaPo to declared that new social rules apply as to who should expect service in “respectable” establishments.

Quote: So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home. (Emphasis added)

That sounds nice, except the definition of hate has been twisted beyond recognition by people like the author. Moreover, I very much doubt that she would support a restaurant refusing someone like Jessie Smollet. His hoax did a lot to spread hate on both sides.

She speaks a lot about firms needing to recognize their values, but it’s clear from her tone that only counts if it’s the values she wants people to have.

From my libertarian side, I can support her not wanting to serve people she thinks do not share her values or those she considers evil. (But I repeat myself.) However, like the free speech debate, this bifurcation of those deemed worthy and not worthy in the marketplace does little to help the political atmosphere.

Wow, Tam Brings the Views

20 Jun
June 20, 2019

Tam makes a comment on a post and I go from ten views to forty! Welcome everyone!

Blogging May Be Light

23 May
May 23, 2019

Issues with my house in Tampa. If I was going to suffer an incident requiring me to file an insurance claim, why couldn’t it have been something catastrophic enough to require replacement?

Game Of Thrones

22 May
May 22, 2019

No spoilers. I didn’t have the problems with the final season that a lot of folks seemed to have. I thought it was a decent, but not spectacular ending.

Wednesday Again

08 May
May 8, 2019

I’m feeling fatigued with politics and even economics. Not really inspired to write or comment today.

Monday Musings

06 May
May 6, 2019
  • Saturday was “date day” for The Wife and me. We went to see Avengers. I enjoyed it. No spoilers, but they did wrap up things quite nicely. If the Star Wars folks do the same for The Rise Of Skywalker, that might erase the foul taste of The Last Jedi. We also went to The Melting Pot for the first time (because someone was nice enough to give us a gift card as a wedding present). Yeah, I kinda said “Fuck It” to my calories this weekend.
  • On Friday, one of the team (not me, surprisingly) mentioned that Saturday was Star Wars Day. My boss asked about other geek holidays. It amazes me that in a data service, the only reason my team knows about Pi Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day is because I put up signs on my door. Their lack of geek knowledge is disturbing.
  • Is it bad that I want to decorate the sitting room with prints of famous paintings that I only know about because of Civ 6?

First Evaluation

21 Mar
March 21, 2019

Last night at Toastmasters, I did my first evaluation. I must have done a semi-decent job because I came home with a ribbon. My biggest challenge with evaluation is separating the speech from the content. Or to be blunt, not telling the speaker where his logic is faulty and why his position is wrong. It’s one of the reasons I joined the club. I needed to meet people who were not like me and thought differently from me. I think it will make me a better person.