FDIC Shuts Down Operation Choke Point

The FDIC is now telling banks that they don’t have to close accounts of legitimate businesses the .gov doesn’t like.

And it’s writing new rules to stop it from happening again!

To address concerns raised about Operation Choke Point, the FDIC will now require bank examiners to put in writing any recommendation or requirement for an account termination.

The examiner will also be required to indicate what law or regulation they believe the bank or the customer of the bank is violating.

Problem 1: Someone’s rung the bell. We are going to have to watch to ensure that subsequent administrations don’t pull the same trick.

Problem 2: Banks are, by and large, conservative organizations. Having been stung once for dealing with gun and gun-related industries, they may decide the risk is not worth the reward.

Make no mistake, this is a win for liberty and RKBA. The question is whether the damage can be repaired.

Laws Are For Little People

Legal Insurrection managed to get a hold of the arrest affidavit for David Gregory. Metro PD wanted him charged, but the DA declined.

David Gregory’s a prick, but he shouldn’t have been charged for the crime. It’s a bullshit law and he was doing no physical harm. (Arguing against our rights, but not threatening anyone with physical harm). The issue is that the same DA’s office that declined to prosecute Gregory has been notorious for its vigorous prosecution of people who aren’t on the televisions. (See link in the story)

What makes him so different than the others? What made his breaking the law different than the others?

I don’t want David Gregory in jail. (Okay, I would laugh my ass off if he was, but it would still be wrong.) What I want is for the DC DA’s office to treat everyone who is caught under the District’s onerous laws to be given the same deference as to their intentions and character before making them felons.

DOJ Won’t File Charges Against Wilson

Justice Department officials have let leak that they won’t be bringing civil rights charges against Darren Wilson.

I don’t expect the “hands up” community to be happy about this, but they haven’t let little things like facts and the law sway them from their narrative anyway. They’re kind of like anti-vaxxers and young earth creationists in that way.

Why throw all those resources at this case? More importantly, why wasn’t the same level of resources devoted to John Crawford’s murder? Oh yeah, because CNN and MSNBC weren’t blaring his murder 24-7.

This is not helping my trust in the .gov.