DateSeptember 9, 2017

Irma T Minus 24 Hours

Due to the storm moving to come up right into Hillsborough, I relocated to my brother’s place, which is further inland.

  1. I feel better not facing the storm alone. A near miss I can deal with and have dealt with. This storm is something else.

  2. The cats did not like the trip over. Bucky, my big cat, rarely speaks. He cried out the entire twenty minute trip. Between that and not having eaten, I was emotionally wrecked.

  3. It’s odd leaving your home of almost fifteen years and wondering if it will be there on Monday.

  4. Best guess is we’ll lose power sometime tomorrow evening. Yay for Chem lights, flashlights, portable chargers, and lots of batteries.

Irma T Minus 36 Hours

  1. The storm shutters have been located from where my ex-roommate hid them. Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of heavy stuff on top and they’re up in a high place. Fortunately, my adopted brother is going to come over and help me out.

  2. We cleaned all the various knickknacks and plants and things from the outside of my mom’s place. I was thinking very bad thoughts about my sister-in-law, since most of the stuff was from her nesting.

  3. Last minute food items were acquired. This included copious amounts of Coke Zero and a bag of Kit Kats. Those will be useful for Sunday night, because I really don’t expect to sleep.

  4. My brother’s belief that in my house you are never more than 18 inches from a knife was reinforced. Really, it was just a little pen knife that I keep in the entertainment center for package opening.

  5. My battery powered fan didn’t come in, which is annoying, but understandable. Fortunately, the big seven gallon jerrycans did show up late last night. Those will help reinforce my brothers’ supplies.

  6. It’s the unknown that’s really causing me issues. I just have to remember that by Monday night/Tuesday morning, I’ll have my known problems and can deal with them.

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