MonthJuly 2019

No Free Ice Cream

Working on Toastmasters speech.

Metal Tuesday- Leo Moracchioli – Take Me Home Country Roads

A very not bad cover of my favorite John Denver song.

A 90-Minute Shot Of Humanity Restoration

Per Miguel’s prompting, I sat down and watched Cajun Navy. The Wife deferred due to both her hatred of storms and seeing animals in distress. She’s a soft heart, which is something I need in my life.

Watching people, regular people, travel over a thousand miles for the chance of rescuing someone, refreshes my general optimism in people. Particularly when they say “fuck you” to the authorities and still go out there. You say my certified lifeguard son can’t go save people because he’s not 18? Fine, we’ll go where you’re not.

One point made is that the people they rescue haven’t evacuated because they’re just stupid (not to say there aren’t stupid mixed in). These folks often don’t have the wherewithal to evacuate. It’s hard to leave when you don’t have a car or a place to go. Something to keep in mind when watching the news.

Friday Quote – Thomas Sowell

Government spending is often said to be beneficial to the economy, as the money disbursed is spent and re-spent, creating jobs, raising incomes, and generating tax revenues in the process. But usually if that same government money had remained in the hands of the taxpayers from whom it came, they too would have spent it, and it would still have been re-spent, creating jobs, raising incomes, and generating tax revenues in the process.

I Kinda Figured That Would Happen

After the election, but before all the new state officials were sworn in, I was advising all of my friends, readers, and acquaintances in Florida, “If you want your CCW or need to renew your CCW, do it NOW!” Why? Because I knew our new Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs was bought and paid for by Bloomberg.

Less than a year in, and I get a mailer for the NRA-ILA, who is citing Florida Carry. (These two aren’t always the closest of allies.)

Mr. Eric Friday, a Jacksonville attorney and General Counsel for Florida Carry, reported today that “Despite the claims by the Commissioner there is ample evidence that the process for issuing Concealed Weapon Firearm License is not going as smoothly as she claims.”

“Florida Carry, Inc. has evidence that the Commissioner and her department are engaged in several processes to slow or delay Floridians’ ability to exercise their right to bear arms. These include using ‘secret’ evidence that the applicants and their lawyers are not allowed to see and refusing to grant formal evidence-based hearings as a matter of routine.”

“The department is also refusing to approve licenses based on decades old arrests that are not disqualifying and using other states’ (California and New Jersey among others) failure to respond to requests for records as a basis to indefinitely delay the issuance of licenses.”

“I am currently representing two clients regarding actions taken by the Department to deprive them of licenses without due process and based on information the Department knew or should have known was not reliable.”

Nikki’s doing her damndest to screw over Florida citizens on getting their CCW.

What To Do About Feral Cats?

In my county, the local government is putting them to work.

Interesting concept, but I don’t know if we’ll ever find out if it’s truly effective. It is a government program after all.

Metal Tuesday- Powerwolf- Nightside Of Siberia

I may have been caught by one of my coworkers singing this song in my office. Stupid open door policy.

Police and The Punisher

A mildly disturbing trend over the past several years is for cops to decorate their equipment with some version of the Punisher logo. It probably filtered in from the troops using it. Here’s the problem. The Punisher murders people. We enjoy him because he only murders bad guys. Kinda like Dexter Morgan from Dexter. Except that show thrust the protagonist’s insanity to the forefront of the show, whereas the Punisher’s writers rarely deal with Frank’s issues.

Soldiers in a combat zone using the image of a character who straight up murders his opponents? I get that. For police to use it shows a dangerous mindset.

The writers for Punisher addressed the issue in a recent issue.

You boys need a role model? His name is Captain America, and he’d be happy to have you.

Friday Quote – Larry Niven

The reader has certain rights. He bought your story. Think of this as an implicit contract. He’s entitled to be entertained, instructed, amused; maybe all three. If he quits in the middle, or puts the book down feeling his time has been waited, you’re in violation.

Skyway Bridge Disaster

Someone’s making a documentary. The trailer is a bit overblown (advertising, I guess). Still, I’m hoping to learn more.

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