MonthSeptember 2019

Friday Quote – Thomas Jefferson

In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of Constitution.

Toastmasters Humorous Speech

My club held it’s humorous speech competition, and this was my winning entry. Now, on to area at the end of October. I’ll post that one as well if they record it. Just to see if my performance improves.

You Know You’re A Gunnie…

I telework two days a week. I was talking with my coworker on our weekly call and mentioned I picked up a new fidget spinner for the home office. She asked me why I didn’t get one for the office. So, I sent her the link.

Denix 1869 Schofield Style…

She quickly agreed that it was probably not a good idea to bring one of those to work.

Metal Tuesday- Sabaton – To Hell And Back

Another Sabaton song! I didn’t realize how much of these lyrics were pulled from Audie Murphy’s own poetry.

What A Difference Five Days Make

Last week, the tracks had our area having a Hurricane Labor Day. Dorian kept moving east and slowing down that now we’re not even sure if we’re going to have much impact from the storm at all. Still concerned for friends and family on the east coast of Florida. The Bahamas and probably the Carolinas look like they’re going to get pasted.

I saw a friend on FB ask “Do I want to be a victim or an asshole?” Essentially, she was asking when praying for divine intervention, did she want to pray for the hurricane to hit other people so she and her family would be spared? I’m more on the if you’re going to pray, pray for those who can least bear the burden.

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