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Macross Monday

I decided to forgo Monday Links because I don’t have a lot. Day job meant not a lot of fishing for articles. But a couple came in surrounding Macross. Can I state just how enthused I am that most of it is coming to Disney+?

First from the Zimmerit blog, an article on the development of the original Veritech/Valkyrie mecha designs.

Next is a video from Secret Galaxies on the Macross Saga. Not the storyline, but the shenanigans behind the scene.

And just for fun, here’s a Forbes article on the above video. h/t Friend James.

Macross Coming to Disney+

According to this article, it looks like almost all of the Macross series will be coming to Disney+ “by the end of 2024.”

It looks like the original Superdimensional Fortress Macross and Do You Remember Love? are not included. For which, we will have to thank Harmony Gold. So, what is coming?

The following titles are listed for distribution outside Japan:

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 (the music video derived from the television and film versions of the original Macross anime)
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again- (6 episodes)
Macross Plus (4 episodes total)
Macross Plus Movie Edition
Macross 7 (49 television episodes, plus three OVA episodes)
Macross 7 the Movie: The Galaxy’s Calling Me!
Macross Dynamite 7 (4 episodes)
Macross Zero (5 episodes)
Macross Frontier (25 episodes)
Macross Frontier: The False Songstress
Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell
Gekijō Tanpen Macross Frontier Toki no Meikyū
Macross FB7: Ore no Uta o Kike!
Macross Delta (26 episodes)
Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Walkūre
Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!

I find it interesting that Macross II is coming, considering that they just did a huge Kickstarter for Blu-Rays.

I’m also hopeful that this means Disney will start carrying Macross merch. Okay, maybe not the VF-1 series, but it would be cool to get a new VF-19 or VF-25.

Monday Links

Reason links first:

Reason’s coverage of the Supreme Court dismissing Colorado removing Trump from the Republican Primary. It would have helped the case if Colorado had something like a conviction or an impeachment to hang their hat on. It would also help if we hadn’t enshrined private corporation – which is what the Republican and Democrat parties are – elections as part of our political process.

Argentina’s radical president has shuttered the state media outlet for being a propaganda outlet.

New York is sending in the National Guard to patrol NYC subways. I have a real problem with bringing in soldiers to perform a police function outside of martial law or a natural disaster.

Alabama passes legislation to protect IVF after their Supreme Court ruling. You know, if Congress would follow this example, we would have a better functioning federal system. But, why would Congress do their job when they can foist their responsibilities on the executive and judicial branches and prance around like peacocks.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is now requiring climate disclosures. This is an agency that needs to be reigned in. I think a lot of the SEC’s bullshit has been flying under the radar due to the FTC’s louder bullshit.

Georgia gave luxury car maker Rivian a bunch of incentives to build a factory – which the company now has put pause on. Cue shocked Pikachu face.

Now for some Ground News aggregations:

Heather Guitirrez Reed, the armorer on the movie “Rust”, guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Administration is going after credit card late fees. Funny. When Biden was the senator from Deleware, he wasn’t this vociferous about “junk fees”. Again, if this is important, why is it coming from the executive instead of Congress? Lastly, cue unexpected consequences in three, two, one…

The national debt is rising at an increasing rate. Rising interest rates aren’t helping, but again, a dysfunctional Congress is not helping.

Washington State Court dismisses challenge to state law allowing suits against gun makers. Lawfare and PLCAA invocation incoming.

Now on to other news stories:

Heroes who tackled gunman at Chiefs Superbowl rally are honored. Gentlemen, you have my utmost respect for your courage.

Five SAS troops are under arrest for murder in the shooting of suspected suicide bomber. On the face, this sounds very bullshit. The prosecutor better have some strong facts on their side.

New Jersey AG is invoking the state’s microstamping law after saying the tech was viable. Sure, let’s do something completely worthless to make gun owners’ lives more difficult. Must be a day ending in “Y”.

S&W released the newest version of their budget AR. Why am I putting this in? Because when I bought my first AR, it was the S&W M&P-15 Sport budget rifle. It was a great starter rifle, and I don’t expect this new one to be any less of a good deal. Plus, I love how the arms industry has advanced that a budget AR is now what an intermediate one was when I bought mine.

In sad news, Warner Brothers is shuttering Rooster Teeth. Hell, quotes from “Red vs Blue” still crop up in my everyday banter. And I’ve restarted watching “RWBY” when The Wife and I go to the gym. I really hope someone picks up the IP and continues the good work.

Monday Links

Let’s start out with Reason links.

The Supreme Court listened to arguments about the ATF suddenly deciding that bump stock were bad. It’s been a long standing issue with the ATF that not only do they get to decide that things they said were okay previously are now felonies.

Apple shuttering its car project. It figured out that its rivals were eating its lunch in regards to AI.

To no one’s surprise, California is playing silly buggers with people’s Second Amendment rights based on nullified convictions.

Now on to other tech stories.

Elon sues OpenAI.

Microsoft is putting Copilot into Excel and Outlook. I’ve been using Copilot for a few things here lately. This could be interesting.

The New Yorker has a look at what could happen if there was a major solar storm.

Here’s a story on the increasing number of gun owners among the queer community. I’m including this because Erin Pallette of Operation Blazing Sword is quoted. And it’s good to remember that new gun owners do not look like you expect. Please be welcoming.

Now on to the local front.

First, New College in Sarasota has been sanctioned by a professors group. The New College situation has been an exercise in becoming what you hate. Both the illeberalism going against the left instead of the right. Plus throw in what looked like some good old fashioned corruption, and it’s “a pox on both your houses” kind of thing.

Speaking of the Florida university system, University of Florida is getting rid of its DEI Office.

One of Tampa’s most famous eateries, Alessi’s, is moving to a new location.

For our final item, one of the life-size Gundam exhibits is shutting down. The Wife and I keep hoping to get to Japan at some point, and seeing one of those big Gundams is high on my list.

Owning In The Digital World

For those of you not in the anime world, there’s been a brouhaha over the merger between Funimation and Crunchyroll. Both are owned by Sony, and it was decided that only the Crunchyroll service would continue. So all most go into Crunchyroll. Except, Crunchyroll is a streaming service only, while Funimation allowed for digital libraries purchased by users. And those will vanish in April. To its credit, Crunchyroll is working to compensate the customers losing their libraries.

This is another reminder that if the only copy you have is digital stored on a computer you don’t own, it’s not really yours. You have a long-term rental.

I went mostly digital with my books, movies, and music with the move in with The Wife and later the move to Ward Manor. I accept that for stuff I watch/listen on streaming services are not always going to be available. There are some things I have digital copies that are maintained on a local system. Those are mine and can’t be taken away.

I am seriously considering getting back into physical media for somethings. Mainly for certain items that are hard to find on streaming and I always want available. Or for when streaming is not available, such as the semi-regular internet outages.

At least Blu-Rays are relatively cheaper than when I first had them.

Monday Links

This is going to be a combination of current stuff and backlog from when I wasn’t posting the links. So, buckle up.

We’ll start with Reason, of course.

Cop hears acorn hit his car and empties his service weapon into his cruiser. Which was occupied. The deputy has resigned, but based on the available information, he should be charged. Why? Because I don’t doubt that if I made that kind of mistake, I’d be up for attempted manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, and whatever else the prosecutor felt like throwing at me.

A think piece on why the US government shouldn’t be giving additional funds to Ukraine and Israel. I need to write a longer post on these. Because I have conflicting feelings on both of these situations.

Moving on to a couple of Ground News aggregations.

Justice Department issues damning report on Uvalde Police response to shooting. “No urgency.” The police had no urgency to engage the murderer. But if I give up my guns, I can just depend on the cops. When we have so many examples of them not.

Hardly any plastics are recycled. Plastic recycling is one of those bullshit “feel good” things that governments and NGOs push, but are boondoggles for the “recycling” industry. You know how I know? Because the manufacturing industry wasn’t pushing for recycling like they did with aluminum or glass.

Now on to other stuff.

Ars Technica has a story about private-equity owned hospitals having worse outcomes.

From War Is Boring, an article on lawmakers proposing a bill to ban civilian militias. Of course, it would impact firearms instruction. And it goes against voluntary association.

From Bloomberg, Amazon backing out of its purchase of iRobot. Because regulators. Which is annoying, because part of the reason we upgraded to iRobot was Amazon’s purchase would make it easier to get parts on subscription.

From Brian Niemier, an article on why Brandon Sanderson has issues with Audible. Which mirrors things I’ve heard on writing podcasts. Which annoys me because I listen to more books than read books.

From FEE, an analysis showing guns are used more times in self defense than people die in car accidents. Self-defense uses are more common than people know.

From a local station, Tampa had a loose kangaroo.

Here’s a New Yorker profile on the Advisory Opinions podcast and its host Sarah Isgur. I listen to this podcast to get the legal nuance skipped over by most talking heads.

Shooting Illustrated says Pennsylvania State Police will now field Walther PDPs. I certainly didn’t expect that.

And now for our lighter items.

The Drive has an article on a company converting old trucks to diesel-electrics. I find this concept intriguing.

Anime Herald has an article on Carl Macek’s impact on anime.

CBR has a listicle of the most “iconic” mecha.

Angry Staff Officer uses the Harry Potter world to demonstrate the principles of raiding. I lover ASO when he uses fiction to demonstrate good and bad examples relating to real-world military actions.