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November Anime Recommendations

I try to keep this to about three series. Which is good, because this month, I only have three to recommend.

This one is cool, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from the trailer.
This is an interesting twist on the traditional anime rom-com
Not completely sold on this one, but it’s been interesting for the first few episodes.

Monday Links

This one might be a bit scattered. As usual, we’ll start with Reason.

The Biden Administration is proposing a large increase in federal worker pay. It’s the annual pay raise that federal workers get as a COLA. Wow, the same inflation fueled by profligate spending results in government workers need higher wages.

Here’s an article on how fast-food joints are being attacked.

Finally, we have Reason’s coverage of the New Mexico governor’s blatantly unconstitutional “public safety order” banning carrying of guns. Yeah, this was clearly a publicity stunt. And it looks like it’s backfiring. Spectacularly. Particularly when she gets her own officials saying they won’t enforce or defend. Particularly with a US judge quickly handing down a TRO. Particularly when she is forced to narrow it down to playgrounds in Albuquerque.

I’ve got a couple articles from The Hill.

First, some school districts are looking at four-day work week due to teacher shortages and needing to prevent burnout. That will have interesting downstream impacts on parents who will need to figure out childcare.

Second, an article on how most women still take their husband’s last name after marriage. However, there’s an uptick of younger women keeping their maiden name. The Wife and I had the discussion if she wanted to take my last name when we got married. She’d built a strong work reputation on her maiden name, and there were some downsides of the change. Still, like most of the women in the study, she chose to take my last name.

On to some gun stuff.

Kevin Creighton muses on if there really is a Gun Culture 3.0 or if it’s more a matter of Gun Culture 2.5.

The British military has selected an AR-pattern rifle for its Royal Marine Commandos and Ranger battalions. I wonder when they’ll finally ditch the L85 series.

And Beretta’s got a new AR-pattern rifle. I kinda like their ARX-160, but it was never in the running for my home defense carbine. Beretta can be kinda weird sometimes.

I heard about this on ACP. A Michigan ammo manufacturer pissed off a politician, who then used campaign finance laws to threaten the company.

A couple of miscellaneous items.

War Is Boring has an article on China sanctioning LockMart and Northrop Grumman over sales to Taiwan. I think the phrase is “don’t threaten me with a good time.”

Rwanda is allowing a company to test a small-scale nuke reactor. Excellent. Wide spread cheap and carbon-neutral energy will do wonders to help lift people out of poverty.

Finally the light items.

WaPo talks about the 20th anniversary of the pumpkin spice latte.

Crunchyroll has announced the second season of Spy X Family will be debuting on Oct 7. Which I am looking forward to because the first season was uproariously funny.

September Anime

I’m still mostly finishing up series that I previously put up. I have added some older shows into my rotation – both for when The Wife and I go to the gym and just quick viewing.

If the MC doesn’t shape up in the next few episodes, I’m dumping this one.
I started watching this one years ago, but decided to go back and finish the series.
Another one that’s been on my to-watch list that I’m finally getting around to.
I had an old VHS tape of some of these episodes, but HIDIVE has the series. The only downside is that it’s dubbed-only. And 90’s voice acting for anime isn’t what you’d call exemplary.

August Anime

I try to keep these posts to three of the current series that I’m watching. So, it was interesting to decide.

This one is a bit weird. I may or may not make it through.
Harem, but not horrible harem.

July Anime

So far, this month is being dominated by new seasons of shows I like. Namely, Tonikawa, Horiyama, The Devil Is A Part Timer, and Quintessential Quintuplets (when that one releases later this month). However, there were a couple of “new” shows that came into my rotation:

This one looks very cutesy rom-com, which I like.
I’m only a few episodes in, but this one is interesting.
This is a reboot of the series from the late nineties.

Anime I’m Watching

Just a few of the series I’m currently watching

This one definitely has the Quintessential Quintuplets feel to it.
This one did not go how I expected when I started, but I’m enjoying it.
Another cute romcom.
I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the protagonist at first, but he kind of grew on me within my usual three-episode limit.

May Anime Recommendations

I have a trio of anime that I’m watching/watched that I really enjoyed.

This is a concept I’ve played with, and Gate’s execution is awesome:

This one came out a couple of years ago, but I’ve been enjoying it so far:

This one is just a cute rom-com: