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Metal Tuesday- Winger – Miles Away

Metal Tuesday- Damn Yankees – High Enough

Metal Tuesday- Saigon Kick – Love Is On The Way

Metal Tuesday- Warrant – Heaven

For this month, I’ve decided it will be all glam metal ballads. So, we start with Warrant.

Metal Tuesday- Silver Bullet – Battle of Shadows

Metal Tuesday- Parasite Inc – Dead and Alive

I forget how I stumbled across this band, but I’m glad I did.

Metal Tuesday – Delain – Hunter’s Moon

Good one off their new album.

Metal Tuesday – Sabaton – Fields of Verdun

I know, I know. Yet another Sabaton Metal Tuesday entry. Too f’ing bad. This is a damn good song that will stick in your head for a couple of days.

Metal Tuesday – 2020 Top Albums

> I’ve asked The Brother to do another year in review.

Gonna be honest, this year there was a lot of good music, but nothing really caught me and kept me coming back to it over and over again. Still some excellent music, though.

Album of the Year

Ehrling cover

Ehrling – Tropical Confessions 5

My Album of the Year is an EP from an artist I discovered this year through a Minecraft YouTuber who uses it during building timelapses.

The Heavy Stuff

There was good music this year, despite nothing really hijacking my brain. Here is the heavier stuff I got my groove on to. These are listed in alphabetical order. I care not for ranking!

Dark Tranquillity cover Fires in the Distance cover Noumena cover Slow Fall cover Ulcerate cover

No Death

And in the more rocking, but slightly less aggressive cohort, we have the following.

10 Years cover Amaranthe cover Garmarna cover Andy James cover Katatonia cover


There were other excellent EPs besides my Album of the Year and I really recommend them. They are all pretty heavy.

Dawn of Dissolution cover Hinayana cover Soilwork cover

Metal Tuesday- Metallica – For Whom The Bells Toll*

Well, sort of.

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