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Metal Tuesday- Alestorm – Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship

Some bands take their schtick seriously. Others have fun with it. Alestorm is definitely in the latter category. I offer as evidence today’s entry.

For my best closing argument, I offer Alestorm’s “16th Century Version”

Metal Tuesday- Parasite Inc – Empty Streets

Metal Tuesday- Lilac – Dancing in the Dark

Metal Tuesday- Van Halen – Dreams

I first heard this song on a video with the Blue Angels. Now, I think of fighter jets anytime I hear it.

Metal Tuesday- Captain Jack – Atas Nama Trauma

Since I subscribed to Apple Music, I’ve been going through my old playlists, and listening to different groups’ discographies. It lets me find gems from bands who I only had 1 album, or even one song. Every so often, I accidentally stumble on to a band with the same name. Case in point: the top is the band I stumbled upon. The bottom is the one I was trying to get the full discography.

Metal Tuesday – Serenity – My Farewell

Another decent song from a new band. Well, new to me, at any rate.

Metal Tuesday- Iron Saviour – Condition Red

This one came across my mix, and much to my surprise, I hadn’t previously shared it.

Metal Tuesday- Black Label Society- Bored to Tears

Another solid from Zack Wylde.

Metal Tuesday- Black Majesty – Dragons Reunite

If I ever get down to Australia, I’m going to make sure it’s while this band is on tour. Or hope they ever come to the Southeastern US.

Metal Tuesday- Amberian Dawn – Warning

Yeah, this hits a lot of my likes for metal.

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