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Metal Tuesday- Iron Saviour – Condition Red

This one came across my mix, and much to my surprise, I hadn’t previously shared it.

Metal Tuesday- Black Label Society- Bored to Tears

Another solid from Zack Wylde.

Metal Tuesday- Black Majesty – Dragons Reunite

If I ever get down to Australia, I’m going to make sure it’s while this band is on tour. Or hope they ever come to the Southeastern US.

Metal Tuesday- Amberian Dawn – Warning

Yeah, this hits a lot of my likes for metal.

Metal Tuesday- Serenity- Down To Hell

Another strong song from a newcomer.

Metal Tuesday- Black Sabbath – Paranoid

This is another classic of metal.

Metal Tuesday- Spirits of Fire – Never to Return

The Brother suggested this band to me recently. So, I’m sharing with you.

Metal Tuesday – Beyond the Black – Escape From Death

Another solid one from this band.

Metal Tuesday – ASDFGA – NASA

The best description of this song?

It’s as if Gloryhammer and Alestorm had a baby that runs on cocaine.

Metal Tuesday- Sharon Apple – Information High

This is a non-metal Metal Tuesday. This was a song I heard on Macross Plus, but it wasn’t on either of the official soundtracks. This was before digital music and YouTube, so my only way to listen to this song was to play the DVD over and over. Then my friend took me to a small Vietnamese shop in Orlando. I found the single and proceeded to burn out the CD.

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