Pissing Off the Readers – Capitol Siege Edition

I am still working my way through my thoughts on last week’s riot in the Capitol Building. I know what my initial thoughts were and how some of them have lessened/modified over the last week. Here’s my current thought processes. In true fashion, it’s probably going to make everyone hate me.

  1. President Trump needs to be impeached for conduct unbecoming. The assault on the Capitol was the culmination of his refusal to accept that he lost, his consistent promulgating and/or repeating of discredited conspiracy theories, and him using his base like expendable pawns. He needs to be impeached with an eye to holding him unsuitable for office. Then let Trump run through the courts before he could even hope to make a 2024 run.

  2. This was yet another round of political violence. I do not like how political violence is becoming more and more acceptable among the general public. Here’s where my internal contradictions begin to show themselves. There is some nuance in that it was focused violence against a particular institution than just general mayhem. Like I said when the BLM riots started up, I can understand attacks on the buildings of the institutions much more than I can understand attacking the local merchants. I can’t condone it, but I can understand it.

  3. The swiftness of the various tech platforms to de-platform Trump and others has me concerned. Yes, they are private companies. Just like Wal-Mart can tell disruptive customers to leave, so can Twitter and Facebook. Here’s the nuances. Wal-Mart never held itself out as a public forum, which the social media firms have done. It’s part of the reason so many people feel violated. It’s also creepy how they work in concert against specific individuals, groups, and companies. There’s something wrong about that, but not something I can put into words. Particularly when it appears to be only one side that’s subjected to such treatment. Another part of the nuance is that leaving people without reasonable avenues to express themselves leads to bad things. Look at how many bombings the US had during the late 60’s into the 70’s. Many of those were less to cause death/destruction and more to bring notice. I am not saying tech firms would be responsible for any uptick in such happenings. I’m saying it’s something to take into consideration as a possibility.

I’m going to stop with those points as the rest of things swirling in my head aren’t really ready for prime time. Maybe a subsequent post. Honestly, I’m starting to get politic fatigue.

Friday Quote – Nick Harkaway

And don’t tell me the end justifies the means because it doesn’t. We never reach the end. All we ever get is the means. That’s what we live with.

Buying Your Speech for $2K

According to Reason, Senator Mitch McConnell is willing to go along with $2,000 checks for everyone – as long as he can backdoor changes to Section 230.

Section 230 has taken a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle. The left thinks it allows the amplification of hate speech, while the right asserts it allows “Big Tech” to silence them. They’re both wrong. Section 230 simply doesn’t hold websites liable for comments made on them by other parties. Removing the Section 230 protections will dampen free speech on the internet. It will silence radicals on both sides. I doubt even cat pictures will be safe.

Friday Quote – Robert Heinlein

The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed.

Friday Quote- Dr. Walter E. Williams

No matter how worthy the cause, it is robbery, theft, and injustice to confiscate the property of one person and give it to another to whom it does not belong.a

RIP Dr. Williams

Time To Make The Readers Mad Again

Hard Truth #1: Trump Lost.

Biden won. I don’t like it, but that’s the result we have to deal with. There’s an old adage in military tactics of never reinforce defeat. We are wasting resources that we should be using to help out in the Georgia senate races.

Hard Truth #2: Voter Fraud Did Not Cause Trump To Lose.

Was there voter fraud? There’s always voter fraud. Was it material? Not according to Trump’s own lawyers once they get in front of a judge. You know, when they could be charged with little things like perjury and contempt.

Hard Truth #3: All These Attempts To Steal The Election Through Conspiracy Theories Is Morally Wrong.

Remember four years back, all of these conspiracy theories popped up on the left that the Russians stole the election for Trump. Do you remember how mad you were because all of these allegations were preventing your guy from doing all the things you wanted? Yeah. That’s how you sound right now. If anyone asks why I didn’t vote for Trump, what he’s doing right now is a big, flashing banner.

I’m sure that there are Machiavellians out there who think this is a good strategy. Even if you can’t win, you can tie things up. Make no mistake. This is fucking dangerous. Take the loss. Learn the lessons. Be better.

Friday Quote – Robert Ingersoll

Give every human being every right that you claim for yourself.

Some Other Items In The News

While everyone is searching their 2020 bingo cards for President Catches COVID, there were some other things that came up.

  1. The ILOH highlighted a Reason article with the title “The Conservative Trans Woman Who Went Undercover With Antifa in Portland”. You really need to RTWT. A few of the key takeaways. First, as the author describes, violence is fun! Or at least violence in groups can be exhilarating. I think that’s something we know intellectually anytime we watch riots following a sports victory/loss, but I don’t think we’ve internalized that when it comes to political violence. Second, Antifa/Black Bloc is very much a decentralized, distributed insurgency organization. There may be some influencers, but there’s no central commintern handing out orders. Even with that, Point Three is that the black bloc is very united in their MO to keep the violence at the simmer level to make the police and private citizens “overreact” to their provocations. Just in time for sympathetic journalists to capture images for Antifa agitprop. Very “heads we win, tails you lose.”

  2. Speaking of the 2020 bingo card, who had Azerbaijan and Armenia go to war? I heard about the tensions in the region about a year ago from the Popular Front podcast, but I was still caught a bit off-guard to see it explode like this. I’m a little concerned that this conflict could widen. From the Reuters article: “Ignoring a French attempt to mediate, the opposing sides pounded each other with rockets and missiles for a seventh day in the newest flare-up of a decades-old conflict that threatens to draw in Russia and Turkey.” (Emphasis mine).

  3. Speaking of France and Turkey, a little over a month ago, France sent some of its navy down to exercise with the Greeks, Italians, Cypriots. Why is this significant? From the article, “Tensions between Turkey and Greece escalated after Ankara sent its Oruc Reis survey vessel to disputed eastern Mediterranean waters this month, a move Athens has called illegal.” I’m checking my bingo card for either Greco-Turkish War or Turkey Leaves NATO.

Friday Quote – Ayn Rand

Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.

Friday Quote – Larry Correia

A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody. And believe me, you really don’t want that switch to get flipped, because Civil War 2.0 would make Bosnia look like a trip to Disneyworld.

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