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BFS – Division Level

I haven’t been posting my Toastmasters speeches lately because we’re not recording them. Mostly because Zoom.

Anyways, I realized I hadn’t posted this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win.

Mentor Speech

I had the worst case of writers block for this speech. The project asked me to reflect on a time when I was the person being mentored. As you can see, that wasn’t an experience I had.

2020 Goals

I looked back at what I wrote in January 2019, and I still stand by that I will make goals instead of resolutions. I did hit my goals for weight loss, but none of my writing goals. It’s amazing how much being married and being in Toastmasters cut down on my free writing time.

So, here are my goals for 2020:

  1. Toastmasters – Achieve Level 2 on Pathways in Toastmasters (I need to do two more speeches)
  2. Writing – Finish the third Irregulars story
  3. Writing – Re-post all of Zombie Strike (somehow in all of the blog issues the audio has gone into the ether)
  4. Writing – Put up blog posts four times a week
  5. Activism – Contact my state representative and state senator on all the bad gun bills hitting the 2020 Florida legislative session.
  6. Weight – Maintain my goal weight and keep my tracking streak for the year
  7. Professional – Improve my PowerPivot and Power BI skills with an aim at improving my standard reports
  8. Training– Get to one gun class this year.

Logical Fallacies Speech

This was a non-manual speech I did with not enough preparation. My fault. I was having a very bad case of writers block. I ended up using notes on my IPad. One of the critiques I received was that by being forced to use the lectern so I could see my notes, most of my hand gestures were hidden.