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BFS – Division Level

I haven’t been posting my Toastmasters speeches lately because we’re not recording them. Mostly because Zoom.

Anyways, I realized I hadn’t posted this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win.

Mentor Speech

I had the worst case of writers block for this speech. The project asked me to reflect on a time when I was the person being mentored. As you can see, that wasn’t an experience I had.

Logical Fallacies Speech

This was a non-manual speech I did with not enough preparation. My fault. I was having a very bad case of writers block. I ended up using notes on my IPad. One of the critiques I received was that by being forced to use the lectern so I could see my notes, most of my hand gestures were hidden.

What’s In Your EDC?

This was my third speech for my local Toastmasters club. I discuss things that my fellow club members should consider including in their EDC. For most of my readers, this is probably akin to a 101 of EDC.