BFS – Division Level

I haven’t been posting my Toastmasters speeches lately because we’re not recording them. Mostly because Zoom.

Anyways, I realized I hadn’t posted this one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win.

Mentor Speech

I had the worst case of writers block for this speech. The project asked me to reflect on a time when I was the person being mentored. As you can see, that wasn’t an experience I had.

Logical Fallacies Speech

This was a non-manual speech I did with not enough preparation. My fault. I was having a very bad case of writers block. I ended up using notes on my IPad. One of the critiques I received was that by being forced to use the lectern so I could see my notes, most of my hand gestures were hidden.

Humorous Speech 2.0

This is the version of my BFS speech that won my Area Contest.

Unfortunately, I was not successful at Division.

Toastmasters Humorous Speech

My club held it’s humorous speech competition, and this was my winning entry. Now, on to area at the end of October. I’ll post that one as well if they record it. Just to see if my performance improves.

Another Toastmasters Speech

This one was for one of the projects, so it’s a little different than my previous speeches.

Victory Dance

This is my fourth speech to my Toastmasters Club. I had some fun celebrating my weight loss and my new kilt.

What’s In Your EDC?

This was my third speech for my local Toastmasters club. I discuss things that my fellow club members should consider including in their EDC. For most of my readers, this is probably akin to a 101 of EDC.

My Toastmaster Speech On Prepping

I know a lot of my readers are going to cringe on how much I missed or just skimmed, but it’s amazing how hard it is to cram prepping in 5 to 7 minutes. And I came in at 7:46.

My Ice Breaker Speech For Toastmasters

I know I put the text of my Ice Breaker Speech a bit ago, but I finally got around to getting the video set up.

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