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Monday Links

This week’s links are going to be a bit on the random side. So, let’s buckle up.

First, Biden pardoned all federal cases of simple marijuana possession. Personally, I’m hoping this is the furthering the end of the drug war. Reason has a moderating article to put things in perspective.

Jumping around comes a Reason article on the FDA admitting that vaping is safer than smoking, but it’s not changing its crusade against e-cigs. Fucking puritans ruining a useful method of reducing harm because it’s not the way they want harm reduction.

In a similar vein of government’s fucking things up, the EU mandated that USB-C will be mandatory. I think USB-C is great, I think Apple is being stupid not switching, and I still despise government mandating it. Because it’s going to mean that there will be less incentive to come up with something better.

Jumping again, a Reuters article that Walmart and CVS are facing lawsuits for putting homeopathic and real medicines next to each other. This warms the cockles of my heart. It would be better if the culture changed to relegate homeopathy to the ash heap alongside humors and bleeding.

Let’s end with a “light” Reddit item sent to me by The Wife. Which, if you know The Wife, was kind of surprising.