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Law of Unintended Consequences in 3, 2 , 1 …

The headline is misleading. California wants all big rigs and medium duty vehicles to be electric by 2045. They do mandate the shift to start in 2024.

There are far too many people (a lot in legislatures) who have this almost dogmatic faith in laws creating reality. Never mind little things like physics or economics. As Thomas Sowell reminded us, those in power rarely suffer the consequences of their actions, but suffer the wrath of voters for their inactions.

Defund the Statues!

I’ve seen the mobs tearing down statues with a weary resignation. After all, this is the violence of the mob, and the mob cannot be reasoned with. There’s only three things to do with the mob: let it run wild and hope that it spends its energy before lives are lost; contain it so that it’s destruction is contained to an area; or finally quash it with all available force. None of these come without cost in blood and property.

This post isn’t about what to do with mobs. This is about what to do with public statues. Statues are supposed to commemorate great events or persons, represent public values, beautify the community, and/or fund public funds to the artistic community. The problem in our current multi-faceted community is that we have statues that not only do not reflect some factions’ values, but represent horrific events/attitudes in their view. Why should they support those with their tax dollars?

My personal opinion is that all statues should be privately owned and funded. If some great event needs a statue or monument, then there shouldn’t be a problem for a non-profit to raise the funds. Plus, private funding of monuments prevents government from being petitioned to use public funds for largely unwanted projects. I’ve seen some of the statues Tampa has commissioned, and most of them seem like payoffs.

What to do with the current statues? I’m all for cities, states, and even the federal government selling or giving them to private entities. Right now, it would be in the best interest of many municipalities and states to sell as many of them as possible to make up for lost tax revenue. I also have no issue with the government saying that the new owners must relocate the statues.

You Want To Know Why Black Lives Matter Exists?

Let’s examine the case of Ahmaud Arbery.

These two asshats killed a man on February 23rd. Since the elder is a former cop, the original prosecutor recused herself. The second prosecutor also recused, but gave a lengthy, if bullshit, memo as to why they shouldn’t be charged. The third is finally taking this to the grand jury after two months.

Let’s dispense with the citizens arrest bullshit. They did not witness a crime, nor did they have reason to believe a crime was in progress. That latter is proved by them asking Ahmaud to stop so they “can talk with him.” This also wasn’t anywhere near self-defense. If anyone had a justifiable claim of self-defense if was Ahmaud.

Yet, it took three prosecutors before they were arrested and charged?

Was it racism? Most likely. Was it a former cop getting preferential treatment? Fuck yes.

So, why should a community historically treated poorly by cops, look at this and not feel threatened?

Vocabulary For the Quarantine

From the Dispatch podcast:

Kummerspeck (noun)

Literal Translation- Grief bacon

Colloquial Translation- Weight gain from emotional overeating.

I may be suffering from this. Not critically, but I haven’t been below 205 much since we have been under safer at home rules.

Good News, Everyone!

John Kra-something or other started a weekly YouTube show featuring happy and heart touching stories from around the Interwebz. Take a gander at the first episode.

The second one is just as good:

Looking Into The Past For Examples

People are musing on how like the current situation is to prior pandemics – such as the Spanish flu pandemic, the SARS pandemic, or a flu pandemic in 1957 (which I had not heard of).

The more I’ve been watching the responses from the authorities, the more I’m feeling this is less like 1918 and more like 1914. This is where in a short period of time, the world is facing down a threat and all the people in charge can think of doing is the same old responses. Then there’s the fact that the people in charge aren’t exactly the cream of the crop you would want holding the reins of power during a great time of crisis.

Strange Downstream Effects

The Wife is going full telework for the duration. Plus our Toastmasters club is going to hold at least one virtual meeting.

Everyone’s talking about toilet paper being scarce, try to find a basic webcam.

USS Doris Miller

The Navy announced the name for newest Ford-class carrier will be for Pearl Harbor hero. If you don’t know who Doris Miller was, he earned the Navy Cross for grabbing a machine gun and taking out Japanese planes during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the first African-American awarded the Navy Cross.

I can’t wait to hear what the sailor will call her.

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