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Coming Soon – Episodes of Zombie Strike!

Thanks to a “future Zombie Strike fan,” I discovered that the Zombie Strike audio files are no longer available through iTunes. So, after discussing it with Kenn Blanchard, all of the episodes of Zombie Strike will be posted here. Right now I’m working with the webmaster, “The Mighty D”, as to how to get them up. The goal is that you should be able to either download the episodes or stream them directly on the website. Once we figure out the how, I should be posting three episodes a week. Just like Badmoon Rising, Zombie Strike will have its own page with links to the individual episodes.

For those who don’t know about Zombie Strike, it was an on-going, old-time radio style serial that originally debuted on Kenn Blanchard’s Urban Shooter podcast. The original premise was comedy skits provided by fans (including me and my friends) of people participating in a reality game show where they would compete on a zombie-infested island. The goal was to go from bunker to bunker with a $1 million cash prize if the contestant survived. Where the serial came in was that the reality game was really a way to find those who could fight zombies (i.e. The Last Starfighter). The story follows a group of elite zombie killers go out to fight an outbreak and stumble into the plots of an evil cult bent on resurrecting their god and taking over the world.

Right now, the first twenty chapters are available on Kindle, here. I am in the process of cleaning up the story and adding some bonus content for a full e-book. I am aiming for the beginning of next year (2013) to get that out. I’m hoping to have some print on demand capability for those of you who need a tattooed dead tree version, but I’m not sure when that would be available.

Thanks again to Erica for letting us know about the iTunes issue and prompting the launch of Zombie Strike on the blog!