This week’s Metal Tuesday is Seven Kingdom’s “After the Fall.” Those of you following Game of Thrones should recognize the character being talked about in the lyrics.

This band was a pleasant discovery when my brother and I went to go see Blind Guardian in St. Pete a few years ago. Plus, they’re a local band.

And to be honest, I have a thing for female fronted metal bands. I blame it on early exposure to Pat Benetar.


I’ve seen nightmare’s wings
Flying high in feverish dreams
Break these chains of misery

No more climbing walls for me
Now wings replace these broken legs
Guide me to my destiny

I feel the cold of Northwind’s Breeze
Raven show me how to fly
Set me free in Summer’s eyes
Across the frozen land of Winterfell’s Kings
A quest to breach the Wall
To reach the land of ice and snow

After the fall
I finally realized
The future of your life
Is not always what it seems
After the fall
I fully understand
The answers that I seek
Are beyond my wildest dreams

Dark news on dark wings
Another comes to join the hall of kings
I fear the worst is yet to be
So run to the North
From the men of Iron shores
To a destiny that’s calling me

Pitch black wings of destiny
Speaking to me in nights of Summer’s dreams
Pitch black wings of destiny
Guiding me to land of ice and trees