Because this is my brother’s birthday week, I’m letting him choose for Metal Tuesday. From The Brother:

Black metal is an interesting beast. It has its introspective, storytelling atmospheric side, full of reverence for forest, wind, and snow. It also has its violent, hate-filled side, spewing rage and misanthropy.

But metal is maleable, and the various sub-genres mix and meld in interesting ways. Usually, Black metal is an add-in to another sub-genre such as blacked thrash, post-black, etc.

**Old Man’s Child** started off as a fairly standard, though better than average, black metal band and then released 1997’s _The Pagan Prosperity_ which was black metal album with thrash tendencies. 1998’s follow up _Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion_ kept some of the thrash hints, but they became more elusive and the following albums are all more symphonic black metal, having shed off _The Pagan Prosperity_’s thrash excesses.

Though Galder, the band’s mastermind and frontman, has moved **Old Man’s Child** on to a more symphonic ground (as well as becoming an integral part of another classic band, **Borknagar**), I will always have a place on my music player for _The Pagan Prosperity_, one of the first black metal albums I ever bought and a hell of lot of fun.

Old Man’s Child – Doommaker


The night calls
as the evening light fades
cast your shadow
and cover this earth
bury the surface
and possess the nights dark
come forth, put spells on my thoughts.

I am the master of decease
I am the pain that grows within your soul
I am this worlds doom maker.

From another world
He arise from the ruins
which will be their graves
spawn of Satan
gather as one
and set this world in flames.

We are the seeds of fire
Spreading in the wind
Masters of your sorrow
And now, we will bring you down.

We are the masters of decease
we are the pain that grows within your soul
we are this worlds doom maker.