Well, I’m back again with a round of metal that my dear brother wouldn’t normally touch, much less share with you wonderful individuals. And as always, I cheat.

I noticed while going through videos that there aren’t a lot of good metal videos. A lot of great songs, but the videos are complete shit. But I found some good ones, so I figured I’d do a series of good vs. bad videos.

Both the songs are good, it just the videos with varying (subjective) quality.

Good Song, kinda crappy video:

First on the docket for this year is the most radio friendly pair of songs starting with Apocalyptica‘s I’m Not Jesus.

Apocalyptica started out doing covers of Metallica songs on cellos but have grown past that to writing wonderful songs that sometimes they get really good singers to join them.

Here’s I’m Not Jesus starring Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame.

Why the hell is a kid in swim goggles spitting water at me? I… what?

Good song, sweet video:

How the hell has my brother never shared the glory that is Clutch?


Anyways, here’s a fan-made video that is so awesome that the band made it the official video.

I present The Wolfman Kindly Requests.