I’m a bit rushed this week my friends, so you don’t get my normal, extensive ramblings on the songs I’m sharing with you.

Pablum (Visually)

Know my reference last week to the three general kinds of videos? This is solidly in the “safe zone” of #2: Live/Roadshow. Despite the song being freaking amazing the video is basic, simple and overall, well, boring.

But seriously, despite being a pain to remember how to spell and pronounce, Eluveitie is an awesome band and Song of the Mountain is a phenominal song.

It’s Called Atmosphere

Y’know how I said that I just don’t get “Art Piece” videos. That’s not really true. I realize that they are trying to use the visuals so underscore or highlight the theme of the song and to heighten the atmosphere and feelings the song is trying to produce.

Usually, its a dismal failure. Sometimes though, you have the success of a video like Tool’s Sober.

But I wanna share this – Meshuggah‘s I Am Colossus.

Maybe it’s the stop-motion animation?