Laws Are For Little People

Legal Insurrection managed to get a hold of the arrest affidavit for David Gregory. Metro PD wanted him charged, but the DA declined.

David Gregory’s a prick, but he shouldn’t have been charged for the crime. It’s a bullshit law and he was doing no physical harm. (Arguing against our rights, but not threatening anyone with physical harm). The issue is that the same DA’s office that declined to prosecute Gregory has been notorious for its vigorous prosecution of people who aren’t on the televisions. (See link in the story)

What makes him so different than the others? What made his breaking the law different than the others?

I don’t want David Gregory in jail. (Okay, I would laugh my ass off if he was, but it would still be wrong.) What I want is for the DC DA’s office to treat everyone who is caught under the District’s onerous laws to be given the same deference as to their intentions and character before making them felons.

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