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Have A Plan – House of Worship Edition

Over the weekend a man took hostages at a Dallas synagogue. According to the article:

  • An armed suspect claiming to have bombs in unknown locations took a rabbi and three others hostage at the Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville before noon Saturday, a source familiar with the situation told ABC News. One hostage was released uninjured at about 5 p.m. local time, Colleyville police said.*

The FBI’s Hostage Rescue team did their thing. Rescued hostages and killed the bad guy. So, why did this happen?

While authorities would also not confirm the demands made by the hostage-taker, multiple law enforcement sources told ABC News he was demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui. DeSarno said the hostage negotiation team was in contact with the suspect throughout the day.

If you are going to a place of worship, there are people who want to kill you. Because they hate your religion, because they hate the people in your church, synagogue, or mosque. Because they want to make a political statement. Because they just want to kill a bunch of people in a group.

Does your place of worship have a security plan and/or team? Are you carrying your weapon if your state allows it? Are you talking with your family and friends about what to do if the fecal matter impacts the turbine?

Don’t know where to start? Contact Ben over at Modern Self Protection. He has materials and done courses on protecting places of worship.

Clearing Out the Old Browser Tabs

First a couple of older tabs I meant to share back in November.

From Politico, an opinion piece that the Dems should stop pushing gun control if they want a chance in 2022. You know, since all those new guns weren’t being bought up only by old white guys.

From Reason is an article on how a couple of recent court rulings show how the narrative that the opioid epidemic wasn’t caused by drug companies.

Now for some more recent ones:

This onewas getting passed around by folks on Facebook who are instructors or do a lot of training classes. So, why am I sharing? Because I get asked about guns and self-defense a lot. It’s a good reminder that I need to meet that person at where they are.

This is a neat article about new information on the Clovis people.

Finally, Raylen Givens rides again!

I Lasted Eight Days…

Before buying a new gun this year.


As you may have read in a prior post, one of my gun wants was an upgraded sidearm. I’ve been carrying an M&P9 for the better part of ten years now. I decided to go with the M2.0 for two main reasons. First, because I like how the gun feels in my hand. Second, because it uses all of my magazines and holsters that I have for the M1.0. I also like the Flat Dark Earth color. Now, I just need to run a few hundred rounds through the M2.0 with all the magazines. Probably stagger loads between ball and self-defense ammo.

Gun Wants

Since I posted about getting my grandpa’s shotgun yesterday, I started thinking about what do I want to add to the armory. Currently I’m thinking on:

  1. An upgraded sidearm – I’m thinking on getting an M&P9 2.0 since that would allow me to use the same magazines and holsters. I’m not adverse to changing systems, but it would have to be something with plenty of accessory support. I mean, I love my Steyr L9A1, but finding a holster or spare mags is a pain.

  2. Semi-Auto 12-gauge shotgun – I’d like something in the traditional form like a Benelli. This is where I’d need to test a few out to make sure which one I’d want.

  3. .22LR Double Action Revolver – This would be for plinking and trigger practice. I’d like a Smith or a Ruger, but I’d avoid the LCR. It just doesn’t feel comfortable in my hand.

  4. 9mm PCC AR – I keep thinking I’d like to do this a project gun and build it up so that it would take the same magazines as my sidearm. However, I know me well enough that if I could find one pre-built, I’d probably pick that up.

  5. .357 Lever Gun – I always like levers, and one in a caliber I currently shoot would be good. Speaking of…

  6. Full size .357 Revolver – I have a snubby, but I’d like something in a four or five-inch barrel. Again, Smith or Ruger.

New Old Gun

Last weekend, the family went down to see my dad’s side. My great aunt informed me she had a surprise for me. It turns out it was an old shotgun that belonged to my grandpa. Very old. If I’m doing my research correctly, it’s a Forehand Arms Company single shot 12 gauge, and at least a century old. It’s not in one would call great condition, but I really don’t care. I’ll probably clean it up and do some repairs, but otherwise, it’ll most likely just stay in the safe.

I’m just glad to have another of my grandpa’s guns.

Holding Grandpa's Shotgun

Self Defense In Extremes

Two recent court cases highlight situations that terrify me.

Let’s start with Kyle Rittenhouse’s case. His was in all respects a clear-cut case of self-defense. I’m not going to debate his decision to be in Kenosha that night. That’s a whole ‘nuther can o’ worms. Suffice to say, it would have taken a lot more to put myself in that area. Here’s the two parts that terrify me: 1) being cut off and surrounded by angry people, and 2) then having my story rocketed to the front of national news because of the media climate at the time. The former because of the tactical situation. The latter because of its downstream impact on my life.

Then let’s take a look at the case of Andrew Coffee IV. This highlights that my fear of the police fucking up and deciding to no-knock my house. Because there have been too many episodes of police mistakes and swatting for me to consider it outside the realm of possibility. As for Mr. Coffee’s particular case, I think McThag summed it up quite well.

Whatever your feelings of how they got into their situations, both of these young men had the right of self-defense. They used that right of self-defense appropriately. And they will pay a price for it.

These are the extremes. You have been warned.

Life At Ward Manor Update

— On Veterans Day, Mom and I went down to our local range and turned money into noise. She has one of those Taurus poly-revolvers, and I needed to test the Bren. I had field stripped it and cleaned it a couple of weeks ago, and I had this irrational fear that I’d done something wrong. The Bren ate the two mags of Speer 5.56mm without a hiccup. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten how to adjust the red dot to zero the stupid thing. I have a laser boresight on the way so that I can do the hard work in the comfort of my own home and not in the bay of a busy indoor range.

— I got the new mesh system up and running, which meant I could now get the outside cameras to work. This one went up much easier than the eeros I’d bought before we moved in. The eeros just didn’t want to play nice. I’ll give the new system a couple of months to before passing final judgement, but at least it’s a promising start. For the record, it is amazing how many individual devices are now connected to the network.

— I understand that restaurants have to be judicious in what they put on the menu. More to the point, I understand that they need to use just enough words to entice and explain, without making the menu unnecessarily long. However, if the restaurant is going to offer waffle fries, I think they should at least identify them as sweet potato waffle fries. That’s what we like to call “material information.”

Gun Safety – Real Life Reminders

Of course, everyone on my side of the blogosphere has been following the investigation of Alec Baldwin surrounding the death of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding of director Joel Souza. USA Today is reporting that the evidence is that a live round was fired by Baldwin. Based on all the reports, this was a horrific accident. For as much as I dislike Baldwin, I would extend my sympathy. It must be horrific to accidentally kill someone. Yet, based on reports of an inexperienced armorer acting in an unsafe manner, several staff quitting due to safety concerns, and the same prop gun being used to plink in the desert prior to the shooting, one can see how such a tragedy would unfold.

We had another reminder of that in my town. The Bradenton Herald details how a man working on his wife’s AR ended up killing her.. Inattention to safety led to one person’s death and another being criminally charged.

If you ever get annoyed by someone being overly cautious when it comes to gun safety, remember why. Fuck-ups cost lives. Fuck-ups destroy futures. Remember:


Tri-Link Wednesday

The Brother shared a NY Times article on glitter. Yeah, I was surprised about how cagey people were about how glitter was manufactured. I still maintain that glitter is the herpes of the craft world. And I detest how endemic it is on girls clothing.

Miguel (via Lawdog) brings us a helpful hint. BTW Miguel, great job on the weight loss!

And on a more serious note, Reason has an article on the Firearms Policy Coalition filing in opposition of Texas’s new abortion law. They assert that turning the citizens against each other to stop abortion can be done to stop the citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.