This is a song based in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time universe. I particularly enjoy the chorus, which will stick in your head for a few days.


Twas born upon the slopes of Dragonmount
The ancient blood flows through his veins
Twice he has lived and marked his age with blood
He’s come to break the world again
All the power he commands
He does not quite yet understand
By the sword in his hand
He will lead us on our final stand

Raise the banner
Lead us onward
Show the world now
Fear not the hatred and scorn
Gather forces
Fight the shadow
Time is right now
To spread the news of the Dragon Reborn

Your prophecies have no hold over me
I’ll not be used like those before
A puppet champion, unknowing pawn
I will not fight your final war
You’re a fool to believe
You can escape the wheel’s weave
For the mark that you see
Will be greater than you can conceive

And when the final battle comes to pass
The horn will sound across the land
And fallen heroes will arise to fight
To stand against the dark one’s hand
Tears will flow like the rain
The dragon’s blood will spill and stain
There will be war and pain
In the end, though, the light will remain