I had some high expectations for this class based on the reviews from those who attended last year at Indy.

My expectations were met and exceeded. 

I learned a lot, but I also learned how much I knew was fecking worthless, or worse, could let someone die. 

Like so much of our world, the first part was to have a plan – know what to do in case of emergency. Where’s the first aid kit? What needs to be in the first aid kit? Is there an AED available if someone’s heart stops? 

We learned how to do chest compressions and work with an AED. Guess what? CPR has changed since I was first introduced to it in high school some two decades ago. For a layperson, forget breathing into the person and focus on chest compressions and the AED.

We learned how and when to apply a tourniquet. First, they aren’t as horrific as medical legend claims. Second, I will say applying a tourniquet one-handed can be a bitch.

Finally, Lawdog had a segment on the psychological and physiological effects of “critical stress.” 

Kelly said he wants to do this again at next year’s NRAAM in Louisville. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone. Well worth the price of admission.