The lead on this song is the singer from Edguy, who has been featured on Metal Tuesday previously. This is a damn decent song.


Is this the view 

From fallen angel’s eyes 

It’s time to dry the tears 

Like something new 

Far better than the lies 

Of honor pride and fears 

I will return 

More stronger than before 

This is my chance 

To grow beyond the past 
I know i burn 

I burn for you much more 

I pay the price 

I know now it will last 
Sacrifice of that i had inside 

Shed it all, my senseless fate of pride 
Through the fires of the night 

From the ashes out of sight 

Wide away 

So i will ride 

On dirty wings 

Through the darkness of the night 

From the ashes to the light 

Wide away 

Now i will ride 

On dirty wings 

On dirty wings 
I never knew 

This choice was in my mind 

It never felt so right 

What cannot do? 

A man is sometimes blind 

Gimme a chance 

And be with me tonight