Something Old and Something New

So now the Mssr. Ward is updating his blog again and it the anniversary of my entrance into this world has come about again, I have been requested to provide another Metal Tuesday.

As in the past, it behooves me to share music of a slightly more… aggressive nature than Derek would provide.

Something Old

To start off, here is an older black metal song: Silence of the World Beyond by A Canorous Quintet) from 1996.

A Canorous Quintet – Silence of the World Beyond

I just realized this album is old enough to drink.

Something New

I like technical death metal. I really enjoy its mixture of aggression, technical skill, and creativity. Rivers of Nihil are a newer band and their latest album is very good. This song is from their latest album and contains a sexy saxophone solo.

Rivers of Nihil – The Silent Life

Surprise Third Entry!

Not everything I listen to is heavy and aggressive. Here is a wonderful rock song for everyone that did not care for the previous tracks.

Think of it as a audio unicorn chaser

Good Tiger – Where Are The Birds