One *Million* Glocks

03 May
May 3, 2018

One of the big stories in advance of the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting is that Glock is celebrating its one millionth Glock 43 and is giving it away. That is a milestone for Glock and a pistol that’s been on the market for about three years. Here’s the fun part.

For years, the figure bandied about is 300 million guns in private hands. That figure is from before the sun setting of the AWB, much less the explosion from the Obama election. Let’s just go from the end of the AWB in 2004. That’s almost fifteen years. Exactly how many millions more firearms have been produced and sold in those fifteen years?

I’ve heard some estimate America is passed the billion mark, but I think that’s too high. That would require almost 47 million guns per year. My personal estimate is that we’ve doubled the number of guns in private hands.

And the anti-gun folks really think they can peacefully confiscate six hundred million guns?

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