On the national front, the Democrats get the House and the Republicans keep the Senate. I mostly agree with Rob’s assessment that the House Republican’s failure to do what it promised kept the base unmotivated to help save it from an aggressive Democrat push.

On the Florida side, Miguel’s correct that we dodged a bullet by DeSantis’s hairbreadth win. More importantly Friend’s defeat for Agriculture. It looks like Scott and Nelson are headed for a recount, which wouldn’t have happened if Scott hadn’t caved after Parkland. Don’t fucking do favors for people who won’t vote for you anyways. I swear that politicos should have that tattooed on their palms.

As for the amendments? It was kind of a mixed bag from my perspective. Probably the most controversial was granting the right to vote to felons, which I voted for because if you’ve served your time and released, then you should have all the rights and responsibilities of a citizen restored. Speaking of the citizenry, they decided we needed to ban offshore drilling, vaping in offices, and greyhound racing. Because when special interests can buy the right legislators, they buy themselves an amendment. And all of these crossed the two-thirds needed for an amendment to pass – which was supposed to stop this bullshit in the first place.

And starts the long slog to 2020.