Some Asshole Took A Shot

My normal 72 hour hold has expired. So, I feel somewhat more confident in discussing the attempted assassination of Trump.

Not a Political Assassination – Unless something comes out, this has all the hallmarks of an attention seeking crazy. The color of the car parked next to him could have had more influence on his decision to kill Trump than any political stance. Just like the asshole that tried to kill Giffords, you can’t try to map rationality on the criminally irrational. Thankfully, he was also bad at judging wind speed.

Secret Service Response – There are legitimate questions on how someone managed to get that close with a rifle. It needs to be a very open investigation to try and quell the conspiracy theories. Although judging from my FB feed, it’s already too late for that. But we need the actual facts to refute the stream of bullshit already pouring out. My default unless proven otherwise is any errors had less to do with malfeasance and more to do with bureaucracy, incompetence, and complacency.

Heroism – One man lost his life because of some asshole. Corey Comperatore died shielding his family from the rain of fire. From his daughter’s statement, they are both horrified by what happened to their loved one and proud of his final act. I can sympathize with that sentiment.

Final Thoughts- This country is very lucky for a five mph wind and some fast shooting by the countersniper team. There are no grand conspiracies to let Trump die by an assassin’s bullet. There were likely multiple small mistakes that led to tragedy for three people. Over heated political rhetoric likely had little influence on this attack, but it’s still corrosive the American political soul. Remember that sometimes crazy nobodies change the course of history.

Monday Links

This week is almost exclusively Reason links.

None of the major candidates are pro-freedom.

Sotomayor is right – we should re-evaluate immunity for prosecutors.

ICE apparently ran a fake school and duped a bunch of foreign students to enroll. A court ruled they can sue for breach of contract.

SCOTUS is going to look at FDA’s regulations against vaping. This looks more like another in a line of cases that essentially boil down to “Congress, do your damn job.”

This article states that Moore doesn’t allow for a wealth tax. Maybe not, but I think this is going to be one of those cases that has a lot of impact down the line for government’s rapacious appetite for money. Particularly as interest rates rise and debts get more expensive.

A bunch of states are ignoring the administration’s Title IX rules. Utah just joined them.

Labour rides the anti-incumbent wave and unseats the Tories. I haven’t been following Brit politics as much since The Economist paywalled all of their podcasts.

Oklahoma decides teaching the Bible will fix the kids. Y’know, school choice would allow parents to decide if they wanted their kids to have Christian theology crammed down their throat. Or some other religion’s dogma.

Now on to a couple of other stories.

This one’s a local story. Storied restaurant Wright’s was sold to Caspers Company. Why is this interesting to me? Because up until a couple of years ago, Caspers was one of the largest McDonalds franchisees in the nation. And many moons ago, Derek Ward was one of their shift managers.

VIZ Media buys the RWBY franchise. This is good news, as this is an IP that didn’t deserve to die.

Not Your Typical Independence Day Post

This is going to be a bit more of a rant on our current election state. Not the candidates, but how we’re selecting the candidates.

Yesterday, I changed my party affiliation from Libertarian to Republican. No, I haven’t suddenly drank the MAGA Kool-Aid. I’m still the fiercely minarchist person. So, why would I change?

My county commissioners have been acting in a rather craven manner for their backers. They’ve also shut down almost all forms of public redress. And they’re actively going after critics or anyone who dares challenge them. Then they hide behind a smokescreen of culture war issues that have no bearing on, you know, making sure the county runs. That infrastructure is built to handle the massive influx of residents. That our local resources are preserved so that we can continue to draw tourists to our area. Needless to say, I am displeased by the current crop. Maybe one or two exceptions.

Manatee County is bright red. As in Irish Yankee spent too much time on the beach without sunscreen red. My only chance to vote against the incumbents will not be at the general election in November, but the primaries in August. And Florida has a closed primary system. So, I have to forsake my Libertarian affiliation so that I can vote against the bastards damaging my home county.

Herein starts the rant. Primaries should not be to choose the parties’ candidate. Primaries should be to winnow a field of candidates down for the general election. Party affiliation should be considered more as an endorsement, like getting approved by the Chamber of Commerce. I don’t really care how the parties select their candidates (elections, smoke-filled rooms, gladiatorial combat).

I just want to see better candidates.

Special Anime Recommendation

I’ll have the regular anime recommendations out later this month, but I kinda wanted to put this out there. Because fifty years ago, this debuted:

I would come to know it as:

My recommendation is Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (sometimes listed as Starblazers 2199). This is a damn good reimagining of the original series.

And now we’re getting another installment.