Ward Manor Happenings

Last Friday was a bit hectic. The Brother’s cat has been having some issues. The Brother asked The Wife and I to come up to help him wrangle the cat over to the vet. Plus, The Brother trusts my wife to ask all of the good questions due to her long history of cat ownership – including cats with complicated medical issues. The cat is doing better, but it was a long day.

Sunday, The Wife and I with Brother In Law and Sister In Law traipsed down to North Port to go to their mineral spring. It was an interesting little soak, but we came home smelling of sulfur. What surprised me was the crowd. Generally, in this area, when you hear languages other than English, it tends to be some flavor of Spanish or possibly Haitian Creole. This was the first time I heard more Slavic-sounding languages than Spanish.

Monday Links

Some of these are a little older, as I haven’t had the links post for the past couple of weeks. So, this is also kind of a browser tab dump.

The Reason segment:

Colorado decided not to join the blue wave in expanding the types of “sensitive places” where concealed carry would be forbidden.

Congress wants to limit credit card swipe fees. When they did that for debit cards, a bunch of companies dumped their rewards programs. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see brand new fees put in place.

Voters push back on sales tax to build stadium. I wish this would happen more. Particularly since the Tampa Bay area is looking at least one new “community-financed” sports arena in the next decade.

Now on to Ground News aggregations:

Several dead in a “mass stabbing” in Australia. While I can’t say a CCW in that instance would have helped the situation (although it has in the US), I wish that the Aussies had that option.

Anti-vaxxers are threatening elimination status of measles. Sweet FSM, it’s like everyone wants to drag us into the before times. I blame both sides for their bullshit on the COVID vaccine now spilling over to much more deadly diseases.

Zimbabwe has a new idea for combating rampant inflation – back their currency with gold. I’m not a gold bug, but I like the idea of taking some of the power away from central banks to artificially inflate the currency by “adding some zeroes.”

Microsoft learned from it’s Internet Explorer fight and is unbundling Teams from Office before getting dragged into litigation. Which is stupid, but unsurprising considering the recent state of activist regulators.

South of me, a house had some orbital debris fall through the roof. I don’t think most folks understand exactly how much space junk there is up in the orbitals that we’re going to need to clean up.

Now on to other stories.

WSJ has a story on the coming legal battles as to who’s responsible for what AI’s say and do. Note: paywalled.

The Verge is reporting that AI gun detectors installed by NYC as a pilot program resulted in an 85% false positive rate. H/t The Brother

War Is Boring analyzes the recent brouhaha over tweet from the Navy showing one of its captain’s requalifying on an M4. Let’s just say the picture was embarrassing enough that the tweet was deleted after everyone roasted it.

Speaking of service arms, TFB reports Taiwan has a new service rifle. Surprise, it’s an AR-pattern weapon.

More gun stuff. The Reload reports on the administration’s new “rules” regarding who needs an FFL. I use scare quotes because of they’re still fucking vague and leave too much open for interpretation by prosecutors and agents. Who, I don’t really trust to interpret.

DeSantis signed a couple of bills that worry me on the civil liberties front. One bans the use of civilian review boards of police in favor of the sheriffs/police departments appointing their own review boards. Um what? I can understand getting pissy about anti-cop activists worming their way onto those boards, but how is letting the cops review do their own reviews a way of holding them accountable? The other penalizes folks who “get too close” to first responders. It looks like it’s aimed at people video recording public servants doing public work.

Here’s a couple of critiques of the media.

The Freepress has an article from a long-time NPR reporter describing the change at NPR from “left-leaning” to “left-activist,” and the resultant loss of trust from the citizenry.

Almost as if to prove the point, NotTheBee has an analysis of a recent WaPo article on a Chicago Police shooting. Sweet FSM, there’s enough police misconduct, you don’t have to push a story claiming a man who opened fire on cops is some kind of martyr.

What’s Going On At Ward Manor

It’s been three years since The Wife and I established residence at Ward Manor. It’s kind of hard to believe that we’ve only been here for three years.

Last week, we took our Sphinx Boo to the kitty cardiologist for his eight month follow-up. We got good news. The issues with his ticker aren’t progressing. He’s such a submissive cat, that he didn’t even put much of a fight while getting the ultrasound.

One of my oldest friends and I have decided to start playing City of Heroes again on a recurring basis. When we’ve played before, he’s always been the brawler while I’ve always been the cannon. We started up a couple of fresh new characters and switched roles. It’s very unusual getting used to having to get up in the bad guys’ grills to hack them down.

Friday, The Wife and I set up our new digital calendar. It’s kind of like one of those picture frames where you can upload pics, but this one uploads your calendar events. Yes, we had a white board one, but with the new jobs, we were having a hard time getting that one updated regularly. Let’s just say, this had ended up causing some problems. So, we tried a technological solution. So far, so good.

Saturday was new furniture day. We bought our old sofa, couch, and ottoman from a local furniture chain. Let’s just say after multiple bad experiences, we’re no longer dealing with that chain. The old furniture’s upholstery started flaking off about a year after we moved into Wayne Manor. After a while of picking up black flecks, we put cloth covers. Those helped, but there were still problems. Finally, it built to a crescendo and The Wife and I were just done. We found an inexpensive living room set on Wayfair. Assembly actually went relatively smooth. Getting the old stuff out was much more of a problem.

Sunday was a couples’ day for The Wife and me. We scored a couple of relatively inexpensive seats to a matinee production of Hamilton at the Van Weezel in Sarasota. The Wife has been a big fan of the musical since we saw it on Disney+, and has wanted to see a live production of it. We had good seats and enjoyed ourselves immensely. This was followed up with dinner at The Melting Pot. We had a bit of frustrating in traversing the less than two miles to the restaurant. Because downtown Sarasota has been liberally seeded with roundabouts. I don not understand transportation planners’ fascination with roundabouts for busy intersections. Less busy? I can kind of see it. Anyways, we had a fun time at The Melting Pot and then enjoyed just falling into bed.

Macross Monday

I decided to forgo Monday Links because I don’t have a lot. Day job meant not a lot of fishing for articles. But a couple came in surrounding Macross. Can I state just how enthused I am that most of it is coming to Disney+?

First from the Zimmerit blog, an article on the development of the original Veritech/Valkyrie mecha designs.

Next is a video from Secret Galaxies on the Macross Saga. Not the storyline, but the shenanigans behind the scene.

And just for fun, here’s a Forbes article on the above video. h/t Friend James.