Time To Clear The Browser Tabs…

Hmm… It looks like even WaPo is realizing that black women are buying more guns. They also realize there are more than just the stereotypical firearms trainers out there.

Probably to get some actual carbon-free sources, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is going to certify a new nuclear reactor design. From the ArsTechnica article: “The design, from a company called NuScale, is a small modular reactor that can be constructed at a central facility and then moved to the site where it will be operated.” Hopefully, they can use this to start decommissioning some of the older traditional plants.

I’m just going to steal TFB’s headline for this one. The Gunshine State: Florida Ranks Only 41st in FFL Numbers.” This is both annoying and somewhat unsurprising.

On to some lighter items:

Those crazy Hungarians! Who else but the descendants of Steppe barbarians would decide the best way to fight a big fire was to mount a couple of jet engines to a tank.

From The Brother (who is a board game addict): SABATON HAS A BOARD GAME!

Five Years of Topsy Turvy

Five years ago, I was messaged on eHarmony. The latest date I’d gone on the week before ended with the lady messaging me saying we weren’t compatible. I was seriously thinking about putting a halt on my searching, but I decided I’d give it at least one more try. It wasn’t like I couldn’t go be a hermit if this one went down in flames as well.

Except that didn’t happen. We exchanged messages for more than a month. I think those were important. We really got to know each other before we actually met.

Then our first date. I had fun, but was nervous as hell. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if she thought it went well or not until she texted me the next morning. Then both of us were getting ready for Irma, which was scheduled to hit a few days later. During said preps, I discovered I’d left my debit card at the restaurant. I guess I was having a good time. The night of the hurricane, we were texting back and forth. The. Entire. Night.

More dates, which was difficult because we lived fifty miles away. Which felt longer because the main highway linking us liked to clog up at the most inopportune time. Then trading weekends. Neither of us can agree when we decided that our relationship was heading to marriage. All I know was that by May or June of 2018, I was hunting up wedding rings. She was sending me enough links to ones she liked that my FB feed had ads for rings for six months.

Five years ago, that message has upended my life. In so many good ways. I’d never thought I’d leave northern Hillsborough County. Now, that part of the state I’d spent almost all of my life in seems like a distant place. I’ve felt more at home in Parrish than I remember feeling since I was a child.

It’s been an amazing five years, and I can’t wait for many, many more.

Weekend Adventures and a Video on The Bugatti Veyron

This past weekend, The Wife and I got the bug to do some major rearranging. Major rearranging. Mostly between the upstairs living room, her office, and my office. These kinds of endeavors can be trying because we have very different opinions – more to the point, how to decide on things. She is much more deliberative than me. It’s very frustrating. We’ve gotten things to the “this is our experimental phase”.

After adventures in shuffling on Saturday, we went over to BIL’s and SIL’s house for family dinner. When we got there, BIL was watch How It’s Made: Dream Car Edition. He and I watched a few episodes. The one that kinda fascinated me was the Bugatti Veyron. Particularly how they put together the front end and the back end. Watch the first part of this video. Watch the floor. They have a rail with these metal slats that move like a wave. It’s nifty.