From The Away Games

I posted these as OOCQOTD’s on the Book of Face:

“Is “Scythian Raiders” referring to raiders from Scythia or raiding Scythia? Because I can see the former being an interesting board game, but the Romans learned the latter was a bad idea.”

“Yeah, but when you go to the store by yourself, I usually get flowers.”

Blogus Quietus

Some of you may have noticed little activity beyond the normal Tuesday Metal and Friday Quotes. Honestly, there’s been stuff going on around Ward Manor. The big one was painters coming and adding color to the first floor walls. Which required taking everything off the walls. And moving furniture. Honestly, it was just this side of a move.

I haven’t talked much about Uvalde because every time I start a post, new stuff comes to light. This whole clusterfuck feels like Parkland 2.0. And I expect the same amount of officials to be held accountable. The calls for “something to be done” seem a bit stronger, and they’re coming from more angles, but I just don’t know if it’s enough to get through the gristmill that is modern American politics.

I’m feeling a bit drained and unmotivated, which means less desire to blog. I’m still plucking away at fixing old posts. That actually is kind of draining. Particularly when I’m seeing a five-year-old post where I’m making the same arguments as today.

Expect more antics at Ward Manor, less politics, and maybe some speechifying.

Friday Quote – Peter G. Klein

Under interventionism companies must employ large staffs of lawyers, accountants, lobbyists, public relations teams, and others who focus not on creating economic value, but on satisfying legal, tax, regulatory, and other government requirements.

That large firms are filled with such non-productive employees is not, Mises writes in *Human Action*, “a phenomenon of the unhampered market economy”, bit a result of government policy.