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Of Course There’s A Spreadsheet

I tried to post this last week, but the WordPress app is for shit. Worse, it will work for a bit, and then look like it will work, but in actuality it’s eating the posts. Enough bitching – on to the story.

The wet food we’ve been using for the cats for as long as we’ve merged herds changed their formulation. Enough that even our normal ”garbage disposal” cats wouldn’t eat it. Grumble.

The Wife and MIL remedy this by experimenting with a variety of new wet foods. In true Ward family tradition, The Wife made up a spreadsheet to track who likes what food.

We now have a few varieties the cats like, but the experimentation continues. The Wife wants a wider variety. Just in case.

Now to figure out how to get rid of the flat of wet food the cats won’t eat. Grumble.

Links Time Again

First, in case you haven’t heard, the report on the massive failures during the Uvalde shooting was released. Reason’s J.D. Tuccille takes the normal sacred goats to the woodshed. “If you really need further evidence of how foolish it is to surrender your right to protect yourself and defer to government employees who are supposed to assume that responsibility, the record of police non-response during the Uvalde mass murder should do the job. Those who, in the future, continue to insist that we disarm ourselves and venerate government enforcers who are tasked to protect us should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.”

Second, while Texas cops were too afraid to confront a gunman, an Indiana concealed carrier wasn’t. Some asshole started opening fire, and Elisjsha Dicken ventilated said asshole. From apparently forty yards away. Per the New York Post article: “We’re very thankful for a young 22-year-old man who stopped this violent act,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said. “This young man, Greenwood’s good Samaritan, acted within seconds, stopping the shooter and saving countless lives.”

Lastly, for our light item, comes a Gizmodo article on Hasbro allowing anyone to turn themselves into an action figure. Face scanning is done through the Hasbro Pulse mobile app available for iOS and Android, and fans will be able to base their action figure on “classic to current characters seen across popular films, television series and comics.” Initially, that will include costumes based on G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Marvel, and designs inspired by Star Wars characters. You probably won’t be able to slap your face on Princess Leia’s body, or get a green face lift to become Yoda—but a provided press release did mention at the least an X-Wing pilot, so you can probably imagine what other kinds of generic bodies could be used.

Eric Flint Passes On

This weekend, Eric Flint passed away. I first found him through the 1632 series. His later alt-history series surrounding the War of 1812 helped me understand how important the Battle Of New Orleans was to the end of that war. Which is what good alt-history should do. I enjoyed his contributions to the Honor Harrington universe.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Prime Day(s) 2022

Well, since The Wife and I have our birthdays in July, we tend to get a lot of Amazon monies as gifts. Which is useful with Prime Day.

This year, it was Power and Transformers. I picked up a USB C power block to use with my laptop, a couple of Anker power banks, and some inexpensive Transformers. Because, those are my fidget spinners for when I’m on camera. When I’m not on camera…well, that’s why I have a bunch of airsofts.

The amusing purchase was a new vacuum sealer. After the second one of the same brand died (which was supposed to be a test device anyway), we went on the Wirecutter to find a better one. Oh hey, we like this one, but it’s $150. Let’s see what the price is on Prime Day. Oh, look – it’s down to $100. Sometimes patience is rewarded. Still don’t like it much.

Clearing the Tabs

Another day, another lawsuit against Sig for malfunctioning weapons. This was one of the reasons I didn’t go with Sig when I upgraded my sidearm.

Lego is building a new factory stateside. Normally, I’d wonder if having a local plant would reduce their cost. But, inflation. And collectability.

From Lee Williams, an article on UPS changing its rules on shipping firearms and parts. It’s like they’re taking customer service lessons from Dick’s.

Lastly, Tampa’s largest McDonald’s franchisee is selling off its McDonald’s stores. This is interesting to me as I used to work for Casper’s as a night manager many a moon ago.