Sometimes gaming sessions end on a high note. Then there are those precious few sessions that end like all of the fantasy novels we devour so readily. I was fortunate to experience such an ending on Saturday night. It was not looking good for our party. We were at the last encounter. Two of our party was down (including my character) and one being held precipitously over a chasm. It really looked like a TPK was imminent. Then, the one thing that was against us all night suddenly changed in our favor. The dice. Our archer let loose a blinding burst of arrows followed by the paladin (who had been dangling over the chasm) letting loose with an incredible smite. The boss went down hard and his construct palace fell down around us as we escaped. It was truly an excellent ending.

The GM came up with one of the most ingenious means to determine how we encountered bad guys in the boss’s construct palace. He handed us one of these:

It’s called a Perplexus. The goal is to manipulate the steel ball around the track inside the globe. The further we got in the game, the easier the encounters and vice-versa. It added a whole new dimension to the campaign.

Now our group is on hiatus because one of our group is going to work in Italy for the summer.